For the past 14 years Darlene Morales and her staff have been serving clients at The Morales Allstate Agency. And she distinctly remembers when—serendipitously—it all began.

Morales-allstate Agency-Owner-at-Desk
Darlene Morales, owner of The Morales Agency, an Allstate Insurance Company, offers local in-person insurance services to customers. Photo credit: Nancy Krier

Morales had been in the banking industry for several years, but she wanted a change. With the blessings of several Allstate Agent friends, she decided to look for and purchase an agency.  She obtained her insurance agent’s license in 2007 and the search began.

After visiting several agencies, she realized there was an agent right in her neighborhood, a 10-minute drive from home! She boldly telephoned the woman who owned the agency, out of the blue, and asked if she would consider selling her West Olympia Allstate business. “She was shocked,” Morales says. “She said, ‘That’s bizarre. I just attended a meeting last night to find out how to sell my business.’ Needless to say – the rest is history.

With that opportune launch, Morales left her previous work in the credit union and banking industries behind and began her career as a local insurance agent. She says she had been interested in the insurance business for a while. She had enjoyed her work providing personal attention to credit union members and bank customers. Her new business enabled her to pair her interests in providing clients the right insurance coverage, along with outstanding customer service. Her agency has earned many awards and is an Allstate Premier Agency for 2021, a designation conferred on agencies demonstrating excellence in customer service and business performance.

Morales-allstate Agency-Staff-at-Desk
The Morales Agency local staff, including Maddelynn pictured here, are ready to answer your insurance questions by phone or text, fax, email and at their office. Photo credit: Nancy Krier

That customer service approach is also why Morales recommends that policyholders purchase from a local agent. A local agency will be there when you need them – you’ll know their names as they will know yours.  “My mission is not to just write a policy,” shares Morales. “We work hard to educate our clients. Without the kind of information and advice we provide to our clients and prospects, they may think they have what they need, until they need it. We never want to see someone, who has been paying for a policy, not have the coverage they thought they did. That can be devastating.”

In this educational role, Morales and her staff strive to conduct annual reviews of their customers’ insurance coverage. These reviews can inform customers about their current or changed needs and examine if their coverage should be updated. “When people call or come in, we do a review of their policies, educate where necessary, and make sure there are no important gaps in coverage,” she explains.

Morales and her staff work with their clients the way their clients like to work – some like to communicate through email, the internet, etc., while others like to call or stop by. The bottom line is that your insurance is incredibly important. It should be evaluated regularly by people you trust to guide you through the sometimes-complicated world of insurance.  While people hope they do not have an event that will cause them to need their insurance policy, Morales wants to make sure customers have the coverage they require—and understand the coverage they have—in case something happens.

Morales-allstate Agency-with-Mask
The Morales Agency on Olympia’s westside provides customers a local office location where they can stop by and get their insurance questions answered, including while current COVID-19 protocols are in effect. Photo credit: Nancy Krier

As part of her local presence, Morales is also involved with the community. She has volunteered with the United Way of Thurston County and recently assisted at a local COVID-19 vaccination site. Her agency also helped evaluate a Social and Emotional Learning Challenge through the Allstate Foundation. That volunteer work rated children’s educational programs designed for remote learning during COVID-19, an effort that Morales describes not only assisted teachers, but was also interesting and timely.

The Morales Agency provides auto, home, life, renters, business insurance and other insurance products and services. Morales can be contacted through The Morales Agency website, Facebook and Twitter. You can also drop by her office or make an appointment to discuss your insurance needs or questions. While The Morales Agency serves Thurston, Pierce, Grays Harbor, Lewis and Mason counties, staff will write policies for people in any Washington location.

The Morales Agency
1115 Black Lake Boulevard SW Ste B, Olympia


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