Submitted by Wild Heart Sipping Vinegar

Wild Heart Sipping Vinegar, the “little sister” of Sandstone Distillery, was recently named as a finalist in the 2020 Trailmix Pitch Competition for emerging food businesses. The competition, hosted by Trailhead.org, included nearly 100 applicants, with just 5 being named to the finalist field.
Jenni Bourdon, entrepreneur and co-founder of Wild Heart Sipping Vinegar, is understandably excited about the potential the contest represents. The competition boasts a $20,000 grand prize along with placement in select Albertsons stores, and would be a tremendous boost to the fledgling processor.

More like ‘The Voice’ than ‘Shark Tank,’ contestants are paired with mentors who help them navigate not only the competition, but also the process of taking their startup to the next level.

The annual event is organized by Trailhead, a Boise-based business development non-profit whose vision is to “create a community where anyone with an idea can receive the mentoring and the experience needed to succeed in the startup world.”  Sponsors include the City of Boise, Alberstsons, Chobani, and a host of Boise-based businesses.

In consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s competition will be virtual, with the finalist pitches, filmed last week, being released in late October as a component of the 2020 Boise Startup Days.

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