Submitted by Port of Olympia

The Port of Olympia has issued a temporary closure of the Swantown Marina public boat launch, Port Plaza and the Billy Frank Jr. park and trail along the East Bay waterfront at Swantown Marina to the public through May 4, 2020. This closure coincides with Governor Jay Inslee’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy,” order.

At the Port of Olympia, we understand the value of community. During these challenging and uncertain times, we want to help take care of our community and the things we hold in common. We understand the immense value of getting outside, and we know the physical and mental benefits of being in nature are vital right now.

This action is to protect residents and our essential personnel by stemming the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).   The Governor’s directive is clear to stay home and avoid travel, even if it is only a short distance.  With the improved weather in the days ahead, we understand the desire to get out and enjoy the waterfront, however, these closures align with the Governor’s message that the warmer weather does not mean that we shouldn’t stay home and maintain social distancing.

We encourage people to continue to practice social distancing and good hygiene when outdoors and continue to stay as close to home as possible.

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