It’s time for congratulations. Alanna Hines will be receiving her nursing degree from Pierce College before summer arrives. One of her most enthusiastic supporters continues to be ProCare Academy, the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program from which Alanna graduated three years ago. ProCare Academy and its parent company, Advanced Health Care (AHC), have been in a mutually satisfying relationship with Alanna as she progressed through nursing school. They are proud of Alanna’s continuing accomplishments.

Advanced Health Care Procare Academy Lucille in livingroom
Lucille Tveter, 97, gets to remain safely in her home with the help of Alanna Hines, CNA, who is graduating with her nursing degree. Photo courtesy: Advanced Health Care

It wasn’t so long ago that Alanna was working in an oral surgeon’s office as a certified surgical assistant. With 14 years of experience, it was a good job, but Alanna was looking for a position that had greater responsibility and more involved patient care. She had her eyes on being a nurse. Gaining CNA credentials was an excellent steppingstone for a busy person on a health field career track.

Alanna discovered ProCare Academy in her search for CNA certification. She found classes were offered on days, nights or weekends, and one session fit perfectly into the brief window of time before fall classes at Pierce started. She enrolled and then completed her CNA expediently so she could concentrate on finishing all her nursing prerequisites. Alanna used her CNA credential to work for Advanced Health Care. AHC provides all levels of home care from basic to complex for all ages. The locally owned and operated agency serves their clients with compassionate care that is supervised by nurses.

AHC knows people need assistance at all hours of the day and night, including weekends. This demand provides great flexibility for students and others with commitments to still get in adequate work hours. AHC worked to accommodate Alanna and her ever-changing quarterly school schedule.

One of her early care recipients was Lucille Tveter, the mother of Julie Ferguson, co-owner of Advanced Health Care. Lucille is a 97-year-old who continues to live an independent life style. Even after her husband passed away 17 years ago, she wanted to remain in her home. She’s been in the same house for 60 years. “It was important for Mom to have help in the evenings,” explains Julie, who was concerned about her safety, especially falling. Her mom was not initially enthusiastic, but she got used to care providers, including Alanna, who would come in the evenings to check on her, assist with personal care and lay out her breakfast for the next morning, including setting out a napkin. During the evening they would talk, play games and then the provider was there to make sure Lucille got safely into bed. The care provider would say, “Good night,” set the house alarm, and then lock the door.

Advanced Health Care Procare Academy Lucille and Alanna
Lucille and Alanna have developed a dear relationship over the past years. Photo courtesy: Advanced Health Care

Over the course of the past two-and-a-half years, the resentment and anger have shifted to engagement and gratitude. As Lucille has gotten to know her care providers, her world has gotten bigger and more interesting. It is fun to have someone to talk with and to exchange ideas. She is excited that Alanna is graduating from nursing school.

Julie’s siblings and their families have always had weekly dinner at their mom’s house. In the past, Lucille did most of the cooking, but now the kids take turns. Julie notices that when Alanna is there on family nights, she always greets her mom first, checking in with her about how she is doing that day. Julie feels like Alanna is really part of the family as she comfortably moves in and out of the 20 or so family members.

Alanna has already secured a residency program at MultiCare Tacoma General Hospital. She is thrilled to have the rigorous school program behind her, and looks forward to the many nursing opportunities that are in front of her, including exploring her desires to work as a trauma nurse. Advanced degrees are also in her future. “I’m so proud of her,” says Julie, “She’s really great.”

Advanced Health Care Procare Academy Alanna and Lucille with newspaper
Alanna and Lucille engage in many ways during their time together such as doing the super quiz in the newspaper. Photo courtesy: Advanced Health Care

Along with ProCare Academy and Alanna’s family, we wish Alanna the best on her new journey in nursing.

ProCare Academy has classes in both Olympia and Tacoma. CNAs work in many environments such as hospitals, assisted living facilities and in homes. Tasks vary from meal preparation to running errands to personal care. See what schedule fits best into your lifestyle, and reap the rewards of dedication and persistence. You can also call 888.960.2553 or send an email to info@procareacademy.org.


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