Maestro Strategic Solutions is all about Community Business


With every problem, there is an instinct in humans to find a solution. Many businesses run on providing an antidote that can be used throughout our community. Dave Maestas, owner of Maestro Strategic Solutions, has quickly become an expert in our area to help create advertising on a variety of levels that is both effective and affordable for local businesses.

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Maestas works with local businesses and their budgets to create effective advertising. Photo courtesy: Maestro Strategic Solutions

“I have a passion for small businesses,” explains Maestas. “I want to see them succeed. That’s really my goal. The money and tax revenues they bring in goes right back into our roads, our schools and our parks. I focus on these businesses because they are the backbone of our community.”

Maestas is a retired Green Beret who focuses on bringing his skills from the military into his civilian career. “After college, I decided to look for adventure,” says Maestas. “I joined the military and became an Airborne Ranger. I eventually joined special forces and had over three years of combat experience in both Iraq and Afghanistan earning two bronze stars. After 18 years in the Army at the rank of Master Sergeant, I had a son and didn’t want to leave him again so I knew it was time to retire. I was worried about getting a job especially after the first one I had lined up fell through. I had to think about my training and what I was good at so I could get food on the table.”

His initial reaction was to start helping his fellow veterans. “I started a non-profit to help veterans’ businesses nationwide through social media advertising,” describes Maestas. “After building on those skills for a while, I realized that I could do this for a living. I decided to continue helping my fellow veterans, scale locally and help all businesses in our area. I started a marketing business and quickly built a network of 300 social media pages and groups organically and through clients. Advertising is expensive so we are able to work with businesses and their needs based on their budget and come up with an effective plan.”

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Known in the community as Ranger Dave, Dave Maestas runs a veteran based business with a focus on our community. Photo courtesy: Maestro Strategic Solutions

Maestas credits much of his success to the support of local businesses. “We’ve built up a great clientele,” he explains. “Michael Steadman of Steadman Properties was an early contact for me at a veteran fundraiser we both attended. We just happened to sit at the same table. He really wanted to support my veteran business so I’ve assisted in some of his online presence. It’s been a great connection to many people in our community that need my services.  Michael has been a veteran that I admire while witnessing all that he does for the community and Veterans.”

Even now as a business and family man, Maestas continues to grow his military identity. “Most people in the community know me as Ranger Dave,” says Maestas. “The JBLM community is just awesome! I am the Director of the US Army Ranger Association Northwest Region and continue to serve by helping to fund scholarships for our military families in need. I am also actively involved as Vice President of the Tacoma Events Commission, which produces the Tacoma Freedom Fair. It’s entirely volunteer produced and I focus on the ‘Camp Patriot’ section of the fair which is designed for Veterans and military to enjoy a great day at the fair.”

“Not getting that job right out of retirement was the best thing that has happened to me,” describes Maestas. “I’ve had the opportunity to touch thousands of lives in so many ways by helping businesses succeed. I feel blessed that this all happened. I feel I’m making the most positive impact I can on the community in the long term.”


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