Submitted by City of Yelm

The Washington State Auditor’s office reported an unmodified opinion of the City’s financial statements for fiscal years 2016 and 2017.

The City of Yelm Finance Department worked alongside the State Auditor’s Office to ensure that all financial records were updated and consistent with the City’s bank accounts.

“We would like to thank the City of Yelm for the significant amount of work they put into ensuring the City of Yelm’s financial statements are correct and supported,” the State Auditor’s Office said in the audit exit interview. “We appreciate the City’s commitment to safeguarding public funds and creating effective control systems.”

The City successfully addressed and resolved historic issues identified by the State Auditor’s Office by initiating a program of ongoing training, written financial policies, and upgrading the financial management software.

“Our Finance Director and Senior Accountant have helped improve the culture of our Finance Department by adding policies, processes and procedures the City has historically lacked,” said Michael Grayum, City Administrator. “Their ability to work collaboratively with the State Auditor’s Office resulted in full reconciliation with all of our banking statements dating back to 2016.”

The City has implemented several notable financial improvements, including a budget document that provides a narrative of each department’s yearly accomplishments, future goals and long-term revenue forecasts to guide future planning and forward thinking. Financial policies and internal controls have been established in a format that is clear and easy to understand, including the addition of flow charts, graphs and tables to provide a visual representation of City finance that is now accessible to anyone.

The City looks forward to a continued to partnership with the Washington State Auditor’s Office in fulfilling our joint vision to increase trust and transparency in government.

“We are grateful to State Auditor Pat McCarthy and her team of independent auditors who provide accountability that bolsters our culture of continuous improvement and advances our shared vision to increase trust in government,” said Grayum. “The professionalism, thoroughness, and collaborative approach of their audit team is greatly appreciated.”

Washington has had an independent auditor since its territorial days. In 1889, Washington became a state and enshrined the State Auditor’s Office in the state Constitution, reflecting a continued commitment to making sure public money is spent wisely and in the public interest. From offices across the state, the state’s independent auditors help government work better and maintain public trust.

The SAO Audit Reports for the City of Yelm can be found at:

Financial: https://portal.sao.wa.gov/ReportSearch/Home/ViewReportFile?arn=1023432&isFinding=false&sp=false

Accountability Audit Report: https://portal.sao.wa.gov/ReportSearch/Home/ViewReportFile?arn=1023353&isFinding=false&sp=false

Featured photo credit: Ruth Middlebrook

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