Submitted by City of Lacey

The City of Lacey and the Thurston Economic Development Council (EDC) Center for Business Innovation support economic opportunities for Thurston County Veterans. The EDC Veterans Microenterprise Program, funded in part by a federal Community Development Block Grant, helps eligible Veterans living in Thurston County successfully plan, open, and operate their own business within the City of Lacey.

Veterans interested in starting their own business will receive Business Enterprise Start-up Training (BEST). Veterans who own an existing small business (5 or fewer employees) will receive Business TuneUp Training. Qualified Veterans can participant in either training free of charge.

Successful graduates of either program can apply for a financial grant, ranging from $500 to $25,000, to open a business within the City of Lacey.

To qualify for the Veterans Microenterprise Program, a Veteran must be a Thurston County resident with a total household income less than:

  •  $41,550 for a 1-person household
  •  $47,500 for a 2-person household
  •  $53,450 for a 3-person household
  •  $59,350 for a 4-person household
  •  $64,100 for a 5-person household
  •  $68,850 for a 6-person household

To learn more, visit the Thurston Economic Development Council wesbsite, or contact the EDC at 360-464-6043 or veterans@thurstonedc.com.

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