CopsForHire Changes its Name to Blucadia


Submitted by Blucadia

CopsForHire, an online marketplace that allows law enforcement professionals to secure off-duty work that utilizes their unique training, is changing its name to Blucadia effective immediately. The self-service website streamlines the process of connecting departments, cops available to work off-duty and customers looking for increased security and other forms of training possessed by law enforcement.

CopsForHire has rebranded as Blucadia to pay homage to law enforcement and the Pacific Northwest. Photo courtesy: Blucadia

“Blucadia brings the gig economy to us cops” remarked Officer W.D., an existing CopsForHire now Blucadia user with the Seattle Police Department. “They allow me easy access to more jobs and more flexibility. I am in complete control of my own off-duty work.”

Similar to using eBay or Uber, Blucadia is a self-service marketplace. It allows cops to access more jobs while utilizing online scheduling, online time cards and be paid directly. The company also provides both liability insurance and supplemental accident insurance to protect cops’ families and careers. The name change allows Blucadia to offer additional services to law enforcement beyond their working off-duty.

“Our new name more intentionally honors law enforcement” commented Rob McDermott, Blucadia’s CEO. “The term ‘Blue’ has grown to become the most respectful way to refer to America’s Finest and their dedication to public safety. With the combination Cascadia, we are also honoring our roots, the great Pacific Northwest.”

Blucadia is a self-service marketplace. Customers simply login and request a cop. Once approved by the department, the job is posted and cops automatically receive notification of available jobs. Once jobs are completed, time cards and payments are automated. All parties enjoy access to full reporting of their off-duty activities. The Blucadia marketplace delivers complete accountability, and transparency, for all sides of off-duty.

Cops and Seattle area businesses interested in hiring off-duty Seattle cops can now visit
the Blucadia website to get started.

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