Avoid Low Back Pain with Targeted Exercises


Submitted by Penrose Physcial Therapy

Two-thirds of all Americans suffer with low back pain. Many times it is simply sitting too long. Sitting too long weakens the core muscles around your spine and we hang on our ligaments/discs which irritates the low back. We develop stiffness, a low back ache and weakness. After age 40, we need to develop good back hygiene routines (i.e. exercises) just like we practice daily dental hygiene for our teeth.

I am offering a free report on how to ease low back pain and stiffness. We have heard this saying before: “small hinges swing open large doors.” It is often the little things we do every day that make all the difference in our mobility and function. My desire is to share meaningful information that has helped prior people continue to do the things they love with less back pain. 

Contact us and we will would love to email you this free report.  info@penrosept.com or 360-456-1444. 

Back exercise tip: Exercises that help the low back need to work the core muscles (the deep muscles near your spine) not just your abdominals. The answer is not more sit ups. These key core exercises should not increase your back pain or cause increased tension in your back muscles. Another tip is you should learn to squat properly without bending your spine but learn to hinge at your hips without increasing knee pain. 

If you are afraid of loosing your mobility, fearful of surgery or wanting to avoid pills for low back pain we can help you by starting with this free report.  www.penrosept.com

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