Budd Bay Promotions & Apparel Offers Promotional Products to Build your Brand

Budd Bay promotions and Apparel
More than just a pen, these customized items speak to your customers, sharing that you know them well. Photo courtesy: Budd Bay

Submitted by John Grantham for Budd Bay Promotions & Apparel

In attending the Promotional Product Industry’s largest event in Las Vegas, The PPAI Expo, I came away with three reasons which account for our industry’s continued rapid growth from $16 billion to $21 billion in the past five years.

First our industry is uniquely qualified to help companies create meaningful relationships in this often digital world. Second, we have the ability to help you stand out from your competition with targeted, measurable custom solutions. And finally, with the evolution of four-color, digital printing we can better assist with all of the above in a more creative and targeted way.

Budd Bay promotions and Apparel
Be unique. Customize items individually instead of in bulk. Photo courtesy: Budd Bay

With 4,300 promotional product suppliers lining 6.5 miles of trade show floor and representing $21 billion in US sales, you’re bound to come away with some impressions if you’re not overwhelmed. In addition to the trade show, I attended over 10 hours of keynote speakers and seminars put on by people who may only have a fraction of the 30 years of time I’ve spent in the industry, but they bring a fresh perspective to our business.

We all recognize that no matter how much or little time we’ve spent on it, our business has a brand. It’s an image and a reputation that our employees, customers, vendors and competitors know us by. This brand is communicated in everything – our office, business cards, websites, signage, uniforms, literature and of course the work that we do. Beyond these basics, we may have employee recognition, referral or safety programs, customer gifts, trade shows or other events that almost always incorporate the use of promotional products. This list could include awards, pens, apparel, drink ware, bags and any number of the 1.4 million stock products available for customization with your logo.


Budd Bay promotions and Apparel
Go beyond pens and notepads with unique, customized items. Photo courtesy: Budd Bay

Business is no longer only about finding what your customer needs, when and for how much. It’s all of those things and ‘why?’. If you’ve been in business for any length of time, your products and services are probably sound and your prices are competitive, but so are everybody else’s. To add value now, you need to understand how and why your products or services are used by your customer. Who are they targeting? What are they trying to accomplish? And, how are they delivering the product to their customer?

A creative promotional product can demonstrate your knowledge of their business if the gift is useful to them. Every time they use it, they will think of your company and how helpful you are.

Standing out from your competition

What’s your sweet spot and who are the customers you best serve? How are you reaching them and what things do you do that your competition doesn’t? How do you communicate this advantage? Perhaps with a promotional product that has a larger imprint area or creative packaging that explains your unique difference. Or, perhaps with a simple, clever product that directs them to your website. Stand out from the rest.

Budd Bay promotions and Apparel
Personalizing items, such as a set of mugs, can not only impress, but remind your customers you know and care about them. Photo courtesy: Budd Bay

Finally, there’s been a huge shift to digital printing on promotional products. What does this mean to you? Imagine now that instead of ordering 144 mugs, bulk-packed with your 2-color logo to hand out to customers indiscriminately, you can now order as few as a dozen, full-color mugs with personalization. In addition to the 4-color process wrap-around print, they can be packaged in a 4-color personalized box or with a custom insert. Many of the common promotional products can now be printed and packaged this way to meet any budget.

Promotional products, if created and distributed with great thought and creativity can enhance your company brand and help you stand out from your competition.

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