The poet Wordsworth lovingly spoke of “the hour of splendor in the grass, glory in the flower.” But such an idyllic setting often requires diligent yard maintenance. This is where Spring-Green Lawn Care’s safe and easy annual lime treatments come in.

Studies show that our region’s lawns are prone to “acid conditions, common west of the Cascades because of historical extensive forest cover and rainfall leaching our soils.”

lawn treatment olympia
After a free lawn and landscape evaluation, Spring-Green’s lime treatment will balance the soil’s acidity insuring healthier grass. Photo courtesy: Spring-Green.

Applying lime helps reduce soil acidity (raises soil pH). The fertilizer we apply becomes more available to your grass, thatch build-up is reduced and root development of your grass is enhance. Balancing the overall pH reduces the number of weeds. Weeds prefer acidic soil, thanks to enhanced root development leading to denser growth of your thriving grass.

And a healthy, well-maintained yard is more than a summertime delight. Looking to sell your home in the near future? “More than likely, the last place that anyone looks to increase their home’s value is to improve his or her lawn and landscape. However, a well-manicured lawn and landscape, according to some real estate agents, can raise your property’s value by over 5%. At those rates, improving your lawn and landscape is an easy way to improve your investment in your home.”

lawn treatment olympia
Annual lime treatments help balance soil’s pH, often affected by our area’s rainfall and acid-loving plants like rhododendrons. Photo courtesy: Spring-Green.

After a free landscape evaluation, owner Mike Bell and his Spring-Green team will provide you with a personalized assessment of your yard’s maintenance needs. These can then be incorporated into one of several Service Packages to meet your specific requirements. Call soon and lime treatment will be included for free in either the Preferred or Preferred-Plus Programs.

These packages include seasonal visits, evaluations, and treatments. Also available are services to tackle moss, crane flies, and root feeding of on-site trees.

With our wetter springs and overall warmer weather, ask Mike about perimeter pest control or flea and tick services too. When it comes to invading, biting bugs in your home, prevention is substantially easier and cheaper than remediation.

lawn treatment olympia
Spring-Green can give you the healthy, pest-free yard your family has dreamed of. Photo courtesy: Kathryn Millhorn.

Active in our community for almost 40 years, Mike and the Spring-Green family proudly belong to the National Association of Landscape Professionals, plant trees on behalf of the Arbor Day Foundation, and provide lawn care for those deployed on military service through GreenCare for Troops.

To learn more, watch an educational video on the Lime Treatment page of the Spring-Green website. From there you can also order services and read testimonials from satisfied clients…who may just be close friends and next-door neighbors.

Washingtonians love to be outdoors. Get the most value out of your yard—and host the season’s best BBQ’s, birthdays, and margarita nights—by adding just a little lime.

For a free lawn and landscape evaluation, call Mike at 360-438-2885 or 877-438-2885. You can also fill out the online form and he’ll call you to discuss your lawn care needs.

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