Healthy Trees Require Healthy Roots — Root Feeding with Spring-Green Lawn Care

spring-green root feeding
While overseeding isn't contingent on core aerating your lawn first, the treatment is often more successful when the two are done together. Photo courtesy: Spring-Green Lawn Care.


spring-green root feeding
Spring-Green owner, Mike Bell, says root feeding your small trees and shrubs twice a year can improve the overall health and beauty of your yard.

In many cultures and throughout history, the tree of life has become a symbol of the life.

While the tree of life can be interpreted in many ways, there’s no doubt that trees are necessary to the existence of living organisms. From oxygen and food to wood for building shelter and fire, trees provide many of the necessities required for the survival of humans and other living things.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder that so many people have an inherent love and adoration for green, leafy giants and needle-clad branches alike. But just like how trees take care of us, it’s important for us to return the favor.

Strong and resilient, many trees don’t require much care to grow and thrive. Just look at the mighty giants of the Redwoods or the more than 5,000-year-old bristlecone pine that was named the oldest known tree in the world. These trees didn’t depend on the hands of humans to prosper — they took care of themselves. But not all trees are so lucky. Environmental factors can interrupt the natural cycle of a tree’s life.

For delicate, ornamental tree varieties — especially ones not native to the area — this is particularly true. In order to grow strong and healthy, smaller trees and shrubs alike often require a boost of nutrients to achieve maximum health. The more nutrients and vitamins small trees and shrubs receive, the more resistant they will become to disease and insect infestation.

Think about it like this: When you’re eating right and getting lots of vitamins and nutrients, your immune system is strong and you feel healthy. But if you stop these healthy habits, your immune system can weaken, letting in harmful germs, viruses and diseases that can be detrimental to your total health. No one wants to get sick, so it’s important to give our bodies the things we need to stay healthy.

The same applies to small trees and shrubs.

spring-green lawn care
Spring-Green does more than just care for your lawn — this Lacey company can improve the health of small trees and shrubs, too.

Mike Bell, owner of Spring-Green Lawn Care in Lacey, says it’s important to provide preventative, ongoing care for your delicate trees and shrubs to ensure they have a lifetime of health, happiness and beauty.

One way Mike likes to address this issue is through root feeding. Root feeding gives trees and shrubs the nutrients they need to thrive. But this process is only effective if the nutrients are able to reach the tree’s immune system — the roots.

By delivering nutrient-rich fertilizer directly into the root zone, Mike and his team at Spring-Green Lawn Care in Lacey are able to improve the health and lifespan of small trees and shrubs by providing a defense system against disease and insect infestations, which can cause stress to small trees and shrubs, making them weak and unhealthy.

During root feeding, the Spring-Green team administer a pressurized soil injection to the tree or shrub’s root zone. By doing this, feeder roots, which are vital to the health of small trees and shrubs, are established, and the health of small trees and shrubs is improved.

If you have a landscaped yard, you know that it takes time and money to maintain it. But you don’t have to spend a lot to ensure the healthy and longevity of your small trees and shrubs. To keep your small trees and shrubs their healthiest, Mike recommends root feeding twice a year — in the spring and fall.

But root feeding is just the start. There are a variety of other ways you can keep your yard looking bright and healthy, which are outlined on Spring-Green’s website.

Interested in root feeding or other landscaping services? Spring-Green offers a variety of services that can help improve and maintain the total health and attractiveness of your entire yard. For more information about root feeding, contact Mike and his talented team by calling 360-438-2885.

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