Dr. Jay Rudd Opens new Aurora LASIK Surgery Center in Lacey

Dr. Jay Rudd opens Aurora LASIK in Lacey.


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Dr. Jay Rudd opens Aurora LASIK in Lacey.
Dr. Jay Rudd opens Aurora LASIK in Lacey.

People who struggle to see their phone screen up close, or the jaw-dropping sunrises over distant Mount Rainier have a new option for clearer vision.

Long-time Olympia ophthalmologist Dr. Jay Rudd has opened a new state-of-the-art LASIK surgery center in Hawks Prairie, near Harley Davidson and the RAM Restaurant. Aurora LASIK features the Wavelight Refractive Laser Suite, the first of its kind in Washington state.

Dr. Rudd has performed more than 15,000 vision correction surgeries, including over 3,500 laser correction procedures. “I’ve practiced long enough to have seen numerous laser technologies enter the market,” said Rudd. “But the Wavelight Refractive Laser Suite is a game changer.”

“The precision and outcomes we’re seeing with this technology are unprecedented,” said Rudd. “With the Wavelight all-laser system, LASIK procedures are bladeless, which reduces healing time and further enhances vision outcomes. This is welcome news for patients.”

Previously, patients felt they had to travel to Tacoma or Seattle for the most advanced LASIK procedures. “With Aurora LASIK in Lacey, you don’t have to fight I-5 traffic jams for LASIK. It’s all conveniently right here,” said Rudd.

Dr. Rudd, a co-founder of Clarus Eye Centre and a fellowship-trained cornea and refractive surgeon, will continue seeing patients at Clarus where he has practiced for over 15 years.

Dr. Rudd will also work with referring optometrists throughout the region. “We want to supplement and support the great eye care our optometric community is providing,” said Rudd. “Patients having surgery at Aurora can have their post operative care provided by their primary eye care provider, their optometrist who has cared for their eyes for years.”

“My biggest payoff as an eye physician and surgeon is the ear-to-ear smile on patients’ faces when they tell me they can now see their alarm clock in the morning, or their child’s soccer game, without glasses or contacts,” said Rudd. “Better vision is life-changing.”

Aurora LASIK also offers a number of advanced vision correction options not previously available in Thurston County. The KAMRA Inlay is an FDA-approved implant that is surgically placed in one eye. The inlay dramatically improves near vision, without compromising distance clarity. For most patients, this means they can set aside their readers and enjoy clearer vision up close.

“We are seeing a dramatic increase in vision correction options, for people of all ages,” noted Rudd. “It’s an exciting time to be an eye surgeon, and the opening of Aurora LASIK is so timely. We hope to be a center of vision innovation right here in Thurston County.”

To learn more, visit AuroraLASIK.com.  Aurora LASIK is located at 8050 Freedom Lane NE, Suite A, Lacey, WA 98516.


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