Synergy HomeCare: Knowing When It’s Time



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Brad Rossman is the General Manager for the Olympia branch of Synergy HomeCare.

One too many slips, moments of confusion, and loss of mobility are all red flags that independent living may no longer be an option. When a senior starts slowing down mentally or physically, an extra set of hands and a pair of watchful eyes can be just what’s needed to ensure the quality and length of a senior’s life.

Sometimes a doctor may recommend in-home care to help with rehabilitation or day-to-day living, but without a doctor’s referral, sometimes knowing when it’s time isn’t so easy. That’s why the knowledgeable staff at Synergy HomeCare are here to help you determine when in-home care is right for you or your loved one.

Synergy HomeCare General Manager, Brad Rossman, says there are different signs that can indicate when a transition to in-home care may be necessary. Rossman says budgeting, medical health, and safety are just a few factors that you should consider when determining whether it’s time.

Because accidents usually happen when you least expect them, Rossman says sometimes the best time to consider in-home care is before you even have an accident. “One of the first things that can get a senior in trouble is if they were to fall and break a hip or an arm,” explains Rossman. “As we age, the healing process takes longer and it can really turn a corner in the rest of your life if you have a bad fall.”

Things like falling, mixing up medications, bad dietary habits and other common accidents can be avoided with the help of an in-home caregiver who can monitor a senior’s safety and wellness by ensuring the home is clear of fall hazards and they receive healthy meals every day.

Rossman notes it’s important to remember in-home care doesn’t mean you have to have someone by your side 24/7. Having a caregiver visit the home just a few times a week can be all it takes to prolong and improve the quality of your loved one’s life.

Developing a relationship with an In-home care agency, like Synergy HomeCare, before the need is emergent can make the transition more easy and less upsetting.

If you think it could be time for in-home care or want to start planning for the future, contact Synergy HomeCare online or by phone at 360-338-0837.


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