Synergy HomeCare Offers Tips to Keep a Senior’s Home Safe



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Brad Rossman is the General Manager for the Olympia branch of Synergy HomeCare.

We’ve all probably stubbed our toes on a piece of furniture or tripped over something in the hallway.  Usually these blunders only hurt our pride. The same can’t be said for the elderly. Our aging friends and family can get seriously injured by what might look like a harmless fall.

The staff at Synergy HomeCare want to prevent these kinds of accidents from happening. Synergy offers a free home assessment to all of their clients. The assessment is a four-page inventory of what seems like every feasible scenario from poor lighting to throw rugs. “Throw rugs can become a tripping hazard,” says Brad Rossman, General Manager of the Olympia branch of Synergy HomeCare.

You don’t necessarily need a walkthrough by a professional to make sure your loved one is safe, however we offer that as a free service to the community. “The older we get, the more our homes tend to get cluttered,” says Rossman. Making clear lighted pathways and getting rid of clutter will lessen the chance your friend or family member will get hurt.

Also, check the lighting. “Because of how our eyes age we don’t see dark shadows as well as we used to,” he explains. Rossman says it’s a good idea to paint a white line on steps to increase visibility.

Finally, don’t forget about the garage. Make sure boxes and crates are not stacked too high or that often used items aren’t stashed away on the top shelf.

If you’re interested in learning more about Synergy’s home assessment call 360-338-0837 or visit their website by clicking here.


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