Lasting Touch Memorials Explains the Benefits of Granite Monuments

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Choosing a headstone or another form of monument isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Let’s focus on one part of the process:  picking a material.

It would be an understatement to say you have options. Some of the most popular are granite, marble, bronze and sandstone. Well, since you live in Western Washington, there are really only two to consider.  “I don’t do sandstone or marble,” says Tony Ward.  Ward is the owner of Lasting Touch Memorials in Yelm.

Why? “Marble absorbs the environment,” says Ward. “You’ll start to see black streaks from the rain in no time.” That once pristine stone will quickly discolor in our temperate climate. “Marble in Arizona stays white, but not in the Pacific Northwest,” says Ward. Sandstone is no good because it starts to crumble within a few years of installation. Again, the chief culprit is our notoriously wet climate.

Granite is a tough material that can weather the storm(s). It also comes in hundreds of different varieties.  “The lighter the color the less expensive,” says Ward. “Darker colors are more expensive because they’re rarer, harder to quarry and cut.”

Bronze is another tough material. The only problem with bronze is that it will start to turn green – patina – after about 40 years.

If you decide to go with granite make sure to have it polished. This helps with the aging process and makes cleaning up easier. Moss is less likely to form and if a bird happens to drop something unpleasant on the memorial, getting rid of the offensive discharge is as easy as Windex and a paper towel.

To learn more about your options visit Lasting Touch Memorials website or call Tony Ward at 360-458-9070.

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