Capital Medical Center’s Joint & Spine Center Earns Gold

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capital medical centerCapital Medical Center’s gold ‘medal’ did not come from speed skating, skiing or ice hockey as we have seen from Winter Olympic athletes. Although it is possible that some of the patients going to the Joint & Spine Center at Capital Medical Center took a tumble on the slopes, that later led them to continual pain in their knee.

Arthritis and injuries are common causes of knee or hip pain. For example, osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease, is the most common cause of knee pain. Any damage to the knee, either from natural friction caused by everyday use, such as biking, or by trauma, such a skiing accident, can result in the development of osteoarthritis. Over time, people will experience severe pain, stiffness and a decreased range of motion.

If treatments like medications, therapy, or walking supports are no longer helpful, consideration of knee or hip replacement surgery would be useful. Knee and hip replacements result in decreased pain, increased mobility, resumed activities of daily living, and improved quality of life.

When the pain becomes unbearable it is time to ‘go for the gold.’  In this case, you are going for the Gold Certified Joint & Spine Center at Capital Medical Center rather than an Olympic Gold Medal.  Capital Medical Center recently earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® in knee replacement, hip replacement, and spine surgery. This certification recognizes Capital Medical Center’s commitment to creating a dedicated joint replacement program that excels in patient education standards, enhanced quality outcomes and standardized practices to return patients to their best functionality.  Capital Medical Center is the only facility north of Vancouver and west of Spokane that is Gold Certified by The Joint Commission.

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Dr. Stephen Snow

Dr. Stephen Snow, orthopedic surgeon and joint replacement specialist, shares the significance of the gold certification. “We have a world class joint replacement program in Olympia, which means that patients can stay close to home and still receive care of the highest of standards. It is a dramatic achievement for a hospital the size of Capital Medical Center, a community hospital, to earn the designation that it has for its hip, knee and spine surgeries, which demonstrates their commitment to and resource investment in this community. Patients are not going to get a better surgery anywhere else.”

Capital Medical Center’s joint replacement program has been designed to support patients through every aspect of their orthopedic surgery, guided by a Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Sarah Middleton, who supports patients every step of the way. At Capital Medical Center’s Joint and Spine Center the focus is on educating patients about what to expect, beginning with a comprehensive preoperative consultation that outlines what will happen before, during and after surgery.  There are a maximum of eight patients per class so that everyone can receive their individualized care plan and is able to consult with the medical team in the surgery planning stage. Middleton fondly refers to her joint classes as ‘Joint Camp’ and ‘Muscle Beach.’  She says, “The patients have a blast and rave about how the class eases their anxiety and leaves them well prepared for surgery. Then they brag about surviving and graduating from Muscle Beach.”  Post-operative care is designed with a physical therapy regimen and a daily agenda that is focused on patients returning to normal activities in an encouraging atmosphere.

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Jon Mould is a 70-year-old avid racquetball player to complete a knee replacement at Capital Medical Center.

Jon Mould, a 70-year old avid racquetball player, recently completed a knee replacement at Capital Medical Center.  Mould explains “My doctor recommended total knee replacement because my joint was bone on bone.”  Mould attended the pre-operative joint class a week prior to surgery, which helped educate him and his wife about what to expect prior to and following his surgery. Mould particularly appreciated the advanced pain management technique used by Capital Medical Center that helps control pain for up to 72 hours after surgery. Capital Medial Center is the only area hospital managing patients’ pain this way, which made Mould’s decision to choose Capital Medical Center for his surgery an easy one.  “From start to finish, I had a great experience,” recalled Mould. “I appreciated the great care I received at the hospital. If I end up needing my other knee replaced, I know Capital Medical Center is the place to have it done!”

The first Monday of every month, Capital Medical Center offers a free community seminar regarding knee and hip pain. Orthopedic nurses will present on the anatomy of the knee and hip joints, the causes of joint pain and treatment options. The next knee and hip seminar will be Monday, April 7 at 1:00 PM.  Call 1-800-798-5143 to register.

To learn more about the Joint & Spine Center at Capital Medical Center visit their website.


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