Eastside Chiropractic: A Focus on Quality Chiropractic from Birth

olympia chiropractor
Dr. Amanda Kugel has extensive and ongoing training in infant and child chiropractic, treating a wide variety of common problems from digestion to sleep issues.


olympia chiropractor
Dr. Amanda Kugel has extensive and ongoing training in infant and child chiropractic, treating a wide variety of common problems from digestion to sleep issues.

Eastside Chiropractic has been a trusted provider of chiropractic care in Thurston County since the late 1980s.  As the practice has grown, Dr. Murray Smith has expanded the services and providers in the office, offering patients a full complement of care.  With five massage therapists on staff as well as a Certified Nutritionist, Eastside Chiropractic is able to assess what a patient needs and then act within the clinic.

And while the uses of nutrition, supplementation, and massage therapy all serve patient’s needs, quality chiropractic care is, and always has been, the heart of Eastside Chiropractic.

Dr. Murray Smith spent many years as the sole chiropractor in the office, serving patients with top-notch care.  Last year, Dr. Amanda Kugel joined the practice bringing not only excellent general chiropractic skills, but specialties in infant and child chiropractic as well as kinesiology taping and instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation (IASTM).  Their combined expertise allows Eastside Chiro to reach more patients with more specific needs than ever before.

“My goal, for all patients, is to improve their quality of life,” shares Dr. Smith.  “Most people seek us out because they hurt.  They seek us out for pain, but I hope to help improve the overall quality of their life, not just alleviate their pain.”  Adding in a focus on flexibility and endurance, on top of the chiropractic care, gives patients a better result as well.  And being able to refer patients to Dr. Kugel when her specific techniques are appropriate, has allowed Dr. Smith to even more fully serve his patients.

“The work I do with the tools compliments the chiropractic treatment as well as the massage.  Chiropractic helps with joint mobility and movement, but with muscle spasms or tightness in a muscle group, the IASTM can really add another layer of healing and well-being for patients,” shares Dr. Kugel.

Amanda Kugel reads MRI films during a chiropractic mission trip to Brazil, serving poverty stricken populations.
Amanda Kugel reads MRI films during a chiropractic mission trip to Brazil, serving poverty stricken populations.

Her work at the clinic has expanded the scope of care for existing patients, but has also brought new patients in seeking her specific skills.

“I hired Dr. Kugel to help with the patient load, assisting with patients needing flexibility and endurance work, because I just couldn’t do it all.  As an added bonus, I got this great doctor with additional expertise that I’ve gained an awful lot of respect for.  I have a lot to learn to learn from her and I look forward to it,” shares Dr. Smith.

Dr. Kugel’s overarching perspective, however, lines up perfectly with Dr. Smith.  They both believe in a focus on teaching patients, not just treating them.  “A lot of what I do is teaching people how to use their bodies and pay attention to the positions they are in.  I reteach people how to use proper posture and prevent the aches and pains in the first place,” explains Dr. Kugel.  Dr. Smith agrees.  “The root word of ‘doctor’ is teacher.  We like to see more of that going on.”

One area of focus and expertise that Dr. Kugel has brought to the office is infant and child chiropractic care.  “The first thing we hear from people is, ‘Kids can be adjusted?’ but it’s not about pain or making cracking sounds, it’s about seeing what parts of a child’s life are affected – digestion, behavior, sleep – and finding where they are having interference in their bodies and clearing that out.”

She goes on to explain the scope of care she provides.  “A baby can’t tell you with words when they are in pain, but you see colic or reflux or constipation.  When children are so young, I prefer to address these issues structurally with spinal or cranial adjustments instead of with medications,” Dr. Kugel explains.  “And I’ve had some very good results with these infants so far.”   Treatments have been shown to improve not only digestive issues of a wide variety but also sleep and even chronic ear infections.

eastside chiro
Eastside Chiropractic’s Tumwater offices include massage therapy, nutrition services, and comprehensive chiropractic care by Dr. Murray Smith and Dr. Amanda Kugel.

Dr. Kugel’s care is another option for parents and she is clear that her work doesn’t take the place of seeing a medical doctor but instead compliments it.  For those who are helped by her care, it’s a gift.  Turning a crying, colicky baby into a peaceful child is good for the whole family.

“If you can have a favorable impact on a child, you are having an influence on the quality of life for the whole family’,” shares Dr. Smith.  This fits in with the over-arching philosophy of both doctors, striving to improve the quality of all the lives they come in contact with.

When asked the appropriate age for bringing a young baby or child in to see her, Dr. Kugel advocates that babies be checked right after birth.  She stresses that a check is not the same as an adjustment.  “The birth process can be hard on the infant’s spine – especially the upper neck.  That’s a place where if we find an issue it can directly relate to colic and sleep issues in particular.  We find we can make a positive impact in these situations.”

And she encourages parents to come for a visit, meet her and ask questions about how she can impact the health of their infant.  Dr. Kugel provides a complimentary 15-minute consult and often can answer many of the questions anxious parents have.

Eastside Chiro Treatment roomDr. Kugel recommends visiting the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association  to locate chiropractors working with infants as well as to learn more about infant chiropractic care.

Dr. Smith and Dr. Kugel see a wide range of patients in the offices of Eastside Chiropractic and offer a wide range of services.  But, it always comes back to the heart and soul of their practice – quality chiropractic care creating a better quality of life.

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