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olympia massage
Michelle Strand, a licensed massage therapist, strives to get patients back to doing activities they love.

A massage is something most people categorize as a luxury.  I, personally, put a gift certificate for massage on every wish list, hoping for an hour set aside for myself in relaxation and peace.  While massage is a wonderful way to lower stress and ease the tension of our daily lives, it is also so much more.

At Eastside Chiropractic, the staff includes six massage therapists, working closely with the chiropractors, to maximize patients’ healing.  While they do offer relaxation massage for anyone seeking a moments respite from our busy world, the benefits they offer extend far beyond.

“We work primarily with patients referred from the doctors here at Eastside Chiropractic,” shares Melanie Bennett, a licensed massage therapist (LMT) who has been with the practice for 18 years.  However, Bennett notes that referrals are accepted from all providers.  “When doctors refer patients to us, it’s used to complement their treatments.  We all work together toward the same goals,” she adds.

The doctors utilize massage to assist patients reaching those goals, which often are activities of daily living.  “The doctors are looking to see improvements in their patients, and through massage we help them track these improvements through a patient’s functional activity,” shares Michelle Strand, a LMT at Eastside Chiropractic for the last eight years.   “These activities are simple, such as lifting a grandchild or placing groceries in their car.  We help people sit at work for an extended period or get a good night’s sleep.”

olympia massage
A massage therapy room at Eastside Chiropractic is the perfect mix of relaxation and healing.

Truly, the therapists are part of the treatment team with goals that dovetail with the doctors.  “We see ourselves as assisting the doctors in the care of the patient, using their guidance and our techniques to further the healing of our patient,” explains Strand.

This combined treatment plan is part of the core at Eastside Chiropractic.  Services also include advanced spinal correction, lifestyle advice and exercise plans, and nutritional counseling.  When combined together, healthy living can be attained by nearly any patient.  Additionally, many insurance companies will cover a massage when it has been referred by a health care provider.

Relaxation massage also has its place in reaching optimum health.  Even though you pay out of pocket for this elective treatment, the benefits are far reaching.  “Stress is overlooked many times in the medical community as something that can have detrimental effects,” shares Strand.  “Reducing stress has many health benefits and we are glad that many people make it a priority to reduce stress though massage.  It’s a great avenue for it.”

olympia massage
Melanie Bennett has been a licensed massage therapist for 18 years.

Scheduling is a snap at Eastside Chiropractic.  Evening and weekend appointments are available in addition to regular business hours.  “Availability and accessibility shouldn’t be a roadblock to treatment and full health,” says Bennett. “We are here a lot!”

In addition to general therapeutic massage, the experienced therapists help people address a variety of conditions including repetitive use injuries and work related injuries.  Educating patients on how to prevent the problems in the first place also factors into their treatment.  “We instruct people on stretches, taking prescribed breaks during their workday, just basically tuning into their bodies – listening to what they are telling them,” explains Bennett.

While all the therapists at Eastside Chiropractic are experts at therapeutic and deep tissue massage, there are a few with specialties.  Bennett has additional training in cranial sacral massage as well as being endorsed in Intra-Oral Massage, particularly effective with patients suffering from TMJ or migraines.

When asked what she likes best about being a massage therapist, Michelle Strand answers quickly.  “Honestly, I just like making people feel better.  I like relieving pain.  I’ve dealt with pain from injury myself and I know how good it feels when that pain is gone.”

Bennett adds, “It’s very satisfying to be able to relieve someone’s discomfort.  To help them be able to pick up their grandchild again or get back to running or the exercise they love.”

Eastside Chiro SignageSo, while you might see massage as only a luxury to be saved for a relaxing treat, know that its benefits extend far beyond simply reducing stress.  Patients at Eastside Chiropractic benefit from having the combined expertise and dovetailed care of not only top-notch chiropractic doctors, but experienced massage therapists.  The complementary care they provide helps patients relieve pain and regain the pleasure of fully participating in their daily lives.

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