Dwayne Boggs Inspects Homes Throughout Thurston, Mason, Lewis & Pierce Counties

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Dwayne Boggs incorporates community giving into his business.


Over nine years ago, Dwayne Boggs hung his shingle to announce his home inspection business.

Almost a decade later, he has seen Boggs Inspection Services grow 25 – 30% each year, even in a slow housing market and economic downturn.

Boggs credits his communication skills as the reason for this success.  Sitting down with Boggs, it’s clear that he has the ability to explain technical building concepts in a simplistic manner.

“I talk through the inspection report without being an alarmist,” explains Boggs.

For example, Boggs can describe cracks in a foundation in a thoughtful manner.  “The discussion about foundation cracks in a 1920’s home is going to be very different than the same cracks found in a two-year-old home,” he says.

Boggs spends roughly 2.5 hours on each home inspection.  Within 24 hours of completing the inspection, he emails the report to the real estate agent and client.

“I am unbiased, just at the home working for you,” he says.  “If the sale doesn’t go through because of inspection findings then it doesn’t impact me.”

A member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), Boggs utilizes industry standards to conduct a thorough home inspection.

He has built a protocol for how he approaches a home.  “Typically, I start on the exterior and the roof before moving indoors,” he explains.

Boggs encourages homeowners to have a pre-listing inspection.  “Generally, if you have lived in a home for a decade and haven’t been in the attic or the crawl space then there may be some issues to address before placing your home on the market,” he adds.

Over the years, Boggs has built an extensive list of contractors that he will recommend to clients.  He takes these referrals seriously and expects that the contractors are just as professional and well-intentioned as he is.

You may also find Boggs by attending one of his first time homebuyer classes.  His educational workshops are intended to remind folks that even though a house is “shiny and new, it may not be built correctly.”

Boggs has built his business by performing the job thoroughly in a professional manner.  Real estate agents make up the majority of his referral business but homeowners and repeat clients return to Boggs years later.

Current and prospective home owners turn to Boggs for his expert opinion.

Knowing what you are buying, before signing on the bottom line is critical for homeowners.  Being able to turn to a professional, knowledgeable home inspector that will educate you about the home seals the deal.

Boggs Inspection Services

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