Olympia Parks: Beyond Burfoot, Priest Point, and Pioneer

Written by: Amy


In an effort to thwart sibling bickering and spice up our summer days, I took my two children on a tour of the lesser-known parks throughout the greater Olympia area.  The kids, who often brought a friend along, were given an assignment to rate the park using a sophisticated yet child-friendly rating scale of thumbs up or down.  Here are the critically acclaimed favorites, as determined by the under-eight crowd.



Frye Cove Park

Steamboat Islanders will cringe that their secret has garnered the top spot on our list.  Frye Cove is tucked into a quiet wooded parcel with about two miles of trails and a new playground.  Kids made a beeline for the steep trail and instantly went splashing into the water.  Adults will appreciate the beautiful view of Mt. Rainier, opportunity to gather shellfish, and covered picnic shelters.  Frye Cove Park is definitely worth the 10 minute drive from the Steamboat Island exit off Highway 101.


Rating: Four Thumbs Up!

Comments: “Exactly why do we have to leave, Mom?”




Decatur Woods

Big thanks to a friend for tipping us off to Decatur Woods.  It’s a lovely, quiet neighborhood park in West Olympia that boasts a clean play structure and easy parking.  There is plenty of running space for an impromptu game of tag.  Parents will also appreciate the close proximity to a clean restroom and drinking fountain.  And, what adult doesn’t reminisce about their childhood on a teeter-totter?   Visit Decatur Woods with your troop and see how many kids can fit on this teeter-totter.


Rating: Three Thumbs Up!

Comments: “I love this teeter-totter so much,” reports my five-year-old.




Friendly Grove Park

Friendly Grove Park is an ideal community park, with something for everyone.  With everything from a nature local history to a skateboard ramp, this park is sure to please your whole crowd.  Head over to Friendly Grove after picking up a snack at San Francisco Bakery.  “I would have given it a second thumbs up if only there were monkey bars,” commented my acrobatic seven-year-old.


Rating: Three Thumbs Up!


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