Grow Your Own Produce: The Workshop Series

February 7, 2024 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
$30 per class, $130 for a 5 class series or $250 for all 10 classes

February 7th – November 6th 2024:  1st Wednesday of the month $250 for all 10 classes, $130 for a 5 class series, or $30 per class 6 pm – 8 pm PST

Grow Your Own Produce is a 10 class monthly series taught by permaculture expert Marisha Auerbach. Each class features seasonally-relevant information about planning, growing, maintaining, and harvesting food from your own vegetable garden.

Each month, the class is designed to help you maximize your yields and efforts in the garden by providing an overview of key activities to engage in at the right time each month from February through November. We meet on the first Wednesday of each month through Zoom. Before the class meeting, participants will receive a collection of handouts supporting the key topics for the month with a garden checklist for the month ahead. We will discuss different subjects that are pertinent to the garden that month using slides and the month’s handouts as reference. There will be ample time each class session for questions. After each class, participants receive a video of the class and pdf of the slides.

Marisha Auerbach has spent many years observing and interacting in her garden and in the gardens of the greater Pacific Northwest bioregion. She has been growing most of her own produce year ‘round for over the past decade. To learn more about Marisha, please visit her bio page. This is the 11th year that Marisha will be offering the workshop series.

2024’s schedule of Classes: 

Wednesday, February 7:  Planning, Design, & Framework

Wednesday, March 6:  Indoor Seedstarting, Early Season Plantings, & Perennial Vegetables

Wednesday, April 3:  Cole Crops, Greens, & Soil Building

Wednesday, May 1:  Warm Season Crops, Edible Flowers, & Attracting Pollinators

Wednesday, June 5:   Maintenance & Harvest

Wednesday, July 3:  Berries, Herbs, & Water Catchment

Wednesday, August 7:  Seedsaving & the Winter Garden

Wednesday, September 4:  Putting up the Harvest

Wednesday, October 9:  Garlic, Cover Crops, & Compost

Wednesday, November 6:  Nourishing Soups, Wildlife in the Garden, & Planning for the Coming Year

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