Meet the Experienced Team of Lifespan Construction at Their Design/Build/Remodel Firm in Tumwater


The experienced team at Lifespan Construction in Tumwater is the key to the design/build/remodel firm’s longevity and success. Co-owner Chris McDonald says, “Several staff have worked at Lifespan Construction for over 10 years, which is key to a fine-tuned business, in this high-turnover industry.”

“We work really hard, and the company culture allows us to have space and spread our wings,” says Chris. “This is not a micromanagement place. Staff are not just punching a clock here.  The team has the flexibility to make command decisions and implement procedures that help everyone, including the clients that we work for.”

“I couldn’t be happier with our team,” he adds.  “We run a drama-free work environment where everyone has each other’s back.”

Chris (left) and Jennie (right) McDonald are two of the three co-owners of Lifespan Construction, a design/build/remodel firm in Tumwater. Photo courtesy: Lifespan Construction

Lifespan Construction’s Skilled Team Delivers Award-Winning Work

Lifespan Construction’s team members’ webpage features a quote that says it all: “We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust, and care for each other.”

Lifespan Construction’s award-winning work is provided by a staff of 15.  They are a dedicated and skilled crew of co-owners, project developers, project managers, carpenters and administrative support.

The three co-owners are Chris McDonald, wife Jennie, and daughter Maddy Cantrell. Chris has worked in carpentry in the Olympia area for over 25 years. His interest in construction and design began at a young age when he built tree houses and forts, and took a shop class. “I have always been a carpenter,” he says.  

“I guess I found my purpose early in life.  Being creative and helping people has always been a passion of mine.”

Chris left teaching 5th graders to start his carpentry career.  Those early years were tough, working out of a van with a partner, and making things up as they went. In 2010, with over a decade of experience, Chris and Jennie decided to make a go of a construction company on their own.  Lifespan Construction was born. Backed by a popular following from his previous company, Lifespan quickly expanded to offer design/build/remodel services. “It just makes sense,” Chris says. “You start to gravitate to methods that work well and your decisions are driven by clients’ needs.”

Let’s meet four more team members using these successful home improvement methods in Thurston County.

Project Developer Alex McDonald (pictured) is a ‘guru’ with the Chief Architect design software program. He enjoys using the program even on his days off from his job at Lifespan Construction. Photo courtesy: Lifespan Construction

Project Developer Alex McDonald is a ‘Guru’ with Design Software at Lifespan Construction

Alex McDonald, son of Chris and Jennie, is a project developer at Lifespan Construction. Considered a “guru” with the home design software program Chief Architect, Alex creates design concepts from an early stage with Lead Designer Lindsey Barnes. They help clients visualize their projects with 3D renderings of their spaces.  Alex says, “I just love watching our clients’ expressions while I present them with a 3D walk through of their new space on the big screen”.  Alex works on all home projects, from  bathrooms and kitchens to larger projects like additions and whole home renovations.

Even when he is not at his job, Alex enjoys spending time designing with Chief Architect. He also likes to build computers and is always searching for the best Mexican food in Olympia.

Production Manager Joe Zimmerman (pictured) is one of Lifespan Construction’s long-time and experienced team members. Photo courtesy: Lifespan Construction

Joe Zimmerman, Lifespan Construction’s Production Manager, is a ‘Key Player’ 

Chris says that after working with Joe for 20-years,  he has come to value Joe as a “key player” on the Lifespan team. Joe quickly climbed from carpenter into production management, once Chris realized Joe had a talent for organized scheduling and keeping his jobs running efficiently. 

“He’s really good at it,” says Chris.  “Joe pre-schedules all subcontractors months in advance, watches the budgets, reports to clients every two weeks, and submits documentation for permits.”  “Joe’s definitely a key player and his longevity at the company shows that he cares.”

Joe also likes to spend time with his two dogs, go dirt biking, and remodel or improve areas in his own house.

Ryan Cantrell (pictured) and six other lead carpenters at Lifespan Construction in Tumwater make sure builds and remodels are done right. Photo courtesy: Lifespan Construction

Ryan Cantrell and Lead Carpenters Ensure Lifespan Construction’s Builds and Remodels are Done Right

No construction project gets done right without a lead carpenter, and that’s what Ryan Cantrell and six other lead carpenters do well. Lead carpenters, like Ryan, manage a project, coordinate all subcontractors, and ensure materials are onsite. Chris says,  “At Lifespan Construction they work on a job from beginning to end.  Our lead carpenters are there from that initial meeting with the clients for a pre-production walk through, to the post-production checklist.” says Chris.  “They are an integral part of the team and the process.”

In addition, Ryan and the other lead carpenters complete miscellaneous tasks throughout construction such as demolition, framing, installing windows and doors, as well as doing cabinetry and millwork. “It’s very hands on,” Chris explains.

Ryan, Chris and Jennie’s Son-in-law, enjoys his days off by camping, golfing and playing Minecraft.

Debbie Otos (pictured) provides administrative support to keep the Lifespan Construction office, shop and fleet running smoothly. Photo courtesy: Lifespan Construction

Debbie Otos Keeps Lifespan Construction Running Smoothly

No business runs smoothly without an exceptional person to provide administrative support, and that describes Debbie Otos. Debbie came to Lifespan after working for ESD for 13 years.  She has been with Lifespan Construction for two years. Recently appointed, Mother of Mayhem (or MOM for short), Debbie oversees human resources, accounts, payroll, and ordering and acquiring products. “She is the best administrator we have ever had,” says Chris.  “Debbie keeps the office, shop and fleet in tip-top shape and doesn’t take any flack from her coworkers.”

During her days off, Debbie enjoys reading, traveling and hosting. “She is a consummate host,” says Chris. “Everyone wants to go to Debbie’s for dinner.”

Lifespan Construction’s Talented Team Can Make Your Home Project Dreams a Reality

These are just some of the talented staff who stand at the ready to help make your home improvement project dreams a reality.  By delivering high quality design with a talented staff to back up every project, they offer the highest standard of service in the remodel industry.

Contact Lifespan Construction to learn how our family of team members can assist you in your next project.

Lifespan Construction
7924 Sweet Iron Ct SE, Suite 104, Tumwater


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