Finnriver Farm & Cidery Offers Exclusive Seasonal Products and Special Discounts to Cider Club Members in Thurston County


Finnriver Farm & Cidery is excited to announce that the new Tumwater Taproom in the Tumwater Craft District, is now an option for craft cider club pick-ups. As seasons change, new ciders are curated and released throughout the year that tell the story of the land in that season. As a Cider Club member, you can receive exclusive ciders, special discounts, and more perks to fully experience all that Finnriver has to offer and ensure you never miss out on any of their seasonal flavors.

wine bottles on a table with a menu propped up next to it
Cider club members can enjoy seasonal tastings, pairings, and suggestions on a specially curated menu. Photo courtesy: Finnriver Farm & Cidery

Enjoy Special Perks as a Finnriver Cider Club Member

Becoming a Cider Club member gives you tons of great benefits and is the perfect choice for any craft beverage fan. If you purchase 12 bottles of cider or more per year, it’s worth it to join the club. It is free to join and gives you special access to new ciders and limited time offers. Every quarter, you can commit to a certain amount of cider that you’d like to purchase in that season and customize your order however you like. By opting in ahead of time, you can help support sustainable production of local craft beverages, all while benefitting from exclusive flavors and special discounts along the way.

Cidermaker Andrew Byers takes great pride in curating a seasonally exquisite menu of the finest flavors from the area. “As a member, you are telling us you like us enough to buy from us every year,” he says. “We want to honor that commitment by showcasing our excellence through the finer points of our craft and the most special aspects of our regional harvest.” In addition to the fruit grown in their organic orchard, Finnriver sources organic fruit and wild harvested local botanicals, such as rosehips and fir tips. They embrace the seasonal bounty of different fruits that appear in some years with abundance – like last year’s plum harvest – and enjoy showcasing them in small batches released first to club, and in the case of extremely small batches, sometimes exclusively only to club members. This offers club members the opportunity to try unique fermentations that celebrate regional abundance and aren’t available anywhere else.

a person spraying out glass bottles
Finnriver is a Certified B Corp, with a commitment to people and place. Finnriver Club members are invited to join them in their sustainability initiatives by returning empty bottles and boxes for wash and reuse. Photo courtesy: Finnriver Farm & Cidery

One of the biggest benefits of the cider club is loyalty discounts, which range between 15-25% off. These savings are applicable to any Finnriver purchase, including your quarterly commitment. Seasonal releases are in March, June, September, and December, where a special menu with pairings and suggestions is put together for you to choose from. Once you have made your choices, you can choose a monthly package to be shipped directly to you or pick up locally at the Tumwater Taproom.

Support Sustainable Farming with a Finnriver Cider Club Membership

a group of people outside standing by a cart with bottles on a stand. Rows of green crops are behind them
Finnriver Cider Club members enjoy 50% off orchard and cider barn tours at our farm and cidery in Chimacum. Photo credit: Jen Lee Light

Aside from the amazing perks and benefits to club members, the Cider Club membership route is a great way to just show your support and keep Finnriver production going strong. Being that all farming is seasonally dependent, it can be challenging to anticipate the demands from year to year. By committing ahead of time to a certain number of bottles, Finnriver has the ability to forecast how much produce they will need and be able to guarantee enough for the people that want it. “As a small-scale cidery in the rural agrotourism industry, that kind of stability is unparalleled,” explains Andrew. “From a business perspective, it is so nice to know that we have a cycle we can rely on and project with reasonable accuracy what our production and volume will look like.” This in turn helps Finnriver provide more stability to their agricultural partners, like the organic fruit growers they source from, since they have actual numbers and data to turn to when looking at batch sizes.

By committing before the season, you can help create a strong economic cycle for farmers and producers like Finnriver. This type of model creates more reliable income for those in the agricultural industry, ensuring that these businesses can continue to provide exceptional, local produce year after year. “Some farmers struggle with the same predicament, but this type of connection gives them security in knowing the crops in the ground are already spoken for by us,” Andrew shares. “It allows us to deepen our roots and continue building with that kind of participation and stability. We don’t charge anything upfront, so this gentle commitment to continue to buy Finnriver just makes things more secure.”

a row of blooming shurbs
Joining the Finnriver Cider Club is a great way to affirm organic agriculture. The Finnriver orchard is Certified Organic and our cider ingredients are either wild-harvested or organic. Photo credit: Jen Lee Light

Join the Finnriver Cider Club and Enjoy Benefits in the Tumwater Taproom

Finnriver has options for your membership to best suit your tastes and budget. Each season you can enjoy specially crafted and curated menus, or pick your favorites to enjoy every month. With special tasting flights at Tumwater Taproom and great savings for club members, becoming a Finnriver Cider Club member is an exceptional way to taste small batch fermentations, show support and experience all that Finnriver has to offer. Visit their website to activate your club membership today!

Finnriver Tumwater Taproom
4242 Capitol Boulevard SE #111, Tumwater


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