Port of Olympia Commission Authorizes Contract Negotiations with Alex Smith as New Executive Director


Submitted be Port of Olympia

The Port of Olympia Commission is proud to announce the selection of Alex Smith as the new Executive Director. Alex brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this vital leadership role, making her the ideal candidate to facilitate the port’s future growth and continued success.

As the Port of Olympia Commission seeks to enhance its strategic direction, it was imperative to find an Executive Director who understands its mission and has a proven track record of accomplishments. The commission believes that Alex meets and exceeds these expectations. The Commission will now authorize Port staff and Port legal counsel to enter contract negotiations.

“We are excited to welcome Alex Smith as the new Executive Director of the Port of Olympia,” said Bob Iyall, Chair of the Port of Olympia Commission. “Alex’s strong leadership skills, strategic vision, and dedication to community engagement align perfectly with our priorities. We have full confidence that she will steer the port towards continued success and prosperity.”

Alex’s selection comes at a crucial time for the Port of Olympia, as they navigate the challenges and opportunities in fulfilling the Port’s mission. Her forward-thinking approach, combined with her commitment to sustainability and fostering economic development, will be instrumental in positioning the port as a leader in the region.

“I am deeply honored and excited by the commission’s decision to move forward with me as the new Executive Director,” said Alex Smith. “I look forward to collaborating with the dedicated staff, commissioners, and stakeholders to enhance the port’s operations and economic development, while also prioritizing environmental stewardship and community engagement. Together, we will work towards the port’s continued success and contribute to the economic vitality of our region.”

Alex Smith’s selection as the new Executive Director of the Port of Olympia will be effective once the contract negotiations are final and the contract is ratified by the Port Commission. The Port of Olympia Commission would like to extend its warmest congratulations to Alex and wish her every success in her new role.

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