State Farm Insurance Agent Melanie Bakala says although there are many cases where homeowners and renters’ coverage can extend to personal property, personal article insurance can help to fill any gaps and provide coverage for a policy holder’s most valuable or sentimental items. This may include personal property like computers, cameras, sports equipment, health equipment, jewelry or fine art.

According to Bakala, personal articles insurance is a standalone policy and is not tied to a person’s existing home or vehicle insurance. Personal article policies can be affordable and carry a low deductible or no deductible.

piece of paper that says valuables and has check boxes next to the words wedding ring, golf clubs, digital camera, pearl necklace and oil painting. A gold pen, gold chain, gold heart and gold rings lay on the paper.
Personal article insurance may cover valuable or sentimental items like electronics, cameras, sports equipment, health equipment, jewelry or fine art. Photo credit: Molly Walsh

Why Consider a Personal Article Insurance Policy?

Personal article insurance may be especially beneficial in situations where an existing home or renters’ policy carries a higher deductible, or if an existing policy has limited coverage for certain items. For those who are curious about personal articles insurance, they can start by making a list of valuable items that they own, then discuss their current coverage with an insurance agent to determine if a personal articles policy is right for them.

“If you have some items that you work really hard for, or you’ve spent some hard-earned money on, and you just want to make sure if something happens, that you could get them replaced,” explains Bakala. “And they’re smaller items, right? Things that might fall under your deductible or be close to that. That would make sense to look into that.”

staff photo of State Farm Melanie Bakala's team
For those who are curious about personal article insurance, or a personal liability umbrella policy, they can speak with an insurance agent to determine what coverage is right for them. Photo courtesy: State Farm Melanie Bakala

An Insurance Policy To Protect From the Unexpected

Although home, renters and car insurance usually includes some amount of liability coverage, Bakala says a personal liability umbrella policy may offer additional coverage to an individual if they are found liable for an accident. This can include a homeowner being held liable for an injury that occurred at their home, or a driver found at fault and liable in an auto accident. In those scenarios, the homeowner’s or driver’s future income may be at risk if their existing home or car insurance policies don’t provide enough liability coverage.

“Personal liability umbrellas really help protect us for those crazy one-off things that probably aren’t going to happen, but could be financially devastating,” says Bakala.

To contact Melanie Bakala and associates for a quote, questions or to learn more about personal articles or personal liability policies, visit the Melanie Bakala State Farm website or call 360.426.2428 (Shelton) or 360.972.7905 (Lacey).


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