Fast Fuel has been a longstanding fuel company in Thurston County. They provide exceptional options for business owners and fleet fuelers as well as the general public. With their two local self-serve stations in downtown Olympia and on the east side of Olympia, off Lilly Rd behind Olympia Fire Station #4, you can easily fuel up while supporting local. Beyond the convenience of their locations, Fast Fuel extends their amazing tools and resources from their business operations down to every consumer for easy budgeting and great savings. As a Fast Fuel cardholder, you can manage and monitor your fueling expenses for your family and keep all of your daily drivers, toys and equipment running smoothly.

Large boat getting fuel at Fast Fuel
With E10, nonethanol, and diesel fuels, you can easily fuel all of your vehicles, toys and equipment in one stop. Photo courtesy: Fast Fuel

Fast Fuel Stations Open to Consumers and Fleet Fuelers

Since 1986, Fast Fuel has been serving the Olympia community and expanded into their second station on the east side in 1988. No matter which station you choose, you can expect exceptional fuel at the highest quality and most competitive prices. Their stations can be used by anyone with Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. As self-serve stations, Fast Fuel is open all day, every day, including weekends and holidays. “Our stations are well-lit and monitored by security cameras for safety,” explains Allison Dumas of Fast Fuel. “We take very good care of our stations and our fuel. We maintain and clean the stations every day and check for water in our tanks daily. We also polish our fuel tanks to clean the inside once a year, so you can get the best with our fuel.”

Fast Fuel has three grades of regular fuel so you can get the best for your budget when filling up. In addition to E10 gas for your everyday vehicle, Fast Fuel also offers non-ethanol fuel for equipment and specialty motors. “You can save time while filling up non-ethanol by fueling your daily vehicle too, with E10 gas,” shares Allison. “We really are a one-stop shop for all of your fuel needs.” They also offer diesel and DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) for cars and trucks and off-road diesel for farm equipment.

Family-Friendly Fueling with the Fast Fuel Card

The Fast Fuel Card is an exceptional way to maximize your savings and simplify your fueling expenses. The Fast Fuel Card is available to anyone at no cost and you can save up to $0.15 per gallon when fueling at the two Fuel Fuel locations. The card makes it easy to fuel up not only at the Fast Fuel stations, but at any gas station within the Commercial Fueling Network (CFN). This means even when you travel outside of Thurston County you can still use your Fast Fuel Card to refill and get it on the same invoice. From there, you are billed twice a month for your recent fill-ups, so you can budget your fueling better and avoid having to run your personal credit card every single time you stop at the pump. As long as you have your Fast Fuel Card on you, you can refuel without any worries.

A person stands by a grey car getting gas at Fast Fuel
With the Fast Fuel Card, you and your family can manage your fueling and budget. Photo courtesy: Fast Fuel

For families, the Fast Fuel Card provides additional control and security to make sure your fuel expenses are being managed your way. Rather than handing out cash to your kids for gas money, you can get them their very own Fast Fuel Card on your account and set a limit for their vehicle. You can set daily, weekly or monthly gallon limits for any card on your account and you can set how many gallons you want per transaction. It really is customizable. “It’s a nice option for teen drivers because you can restrict things however you need to,” explains Allison. “You know they have money for gas without worrying about it being spent on snacks at the gas stations. You can even limit how much they can use so they don’t use their card to fill up their friends’ vehicles.” With each statement, you can review the spending and adjust limits however you need so your kids can get to all of their activities without the hassle of transferring money or getting cash.

On top of that, Fast Fuel sends notifications about suspicious fueling and theft attempts in the event your card is lost or stolen. Thanks to these safeguards and support from their Olympia customer service office, you can better protect yourself against fraud. “If you have a discrepancy with your bill or have any questions about charges, you can always talk to someone locally here to get things taken care of,” Allison says. “We really care about the community and are happy to help every customer.”

Try the Fast Fuel Card for Simple Family Fueling

All of these great features with the Fast Fuel Card have been extended from fleet fueling to families, giving you every option to track and manage your family’s fueling expenses in simple statements. You can easily apply online and start saving right away. Even if you don’t have a Fast Fuel Card, you can still help support this great local organization by fueling up at one of their stations. Apply or stop by for your next fill up today!

Fast Fuel
303 Thurston Avenue NE, Olympia
501 Lilly Road NE, Olympia


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