Thurston County Authors: Winter Reading List

people in a canoe on the South Puget Sound
Just one of the beautiful photos from 'Salmon, Cedar, Rock & Rain: Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.' Photo credit: Larry Workman

Winter is always a great time to catch up on reading. The days are shorter and the weather outside makes many of our favorite activities unpleasant. While we wait for spring, curling up with a good book by the fire can help pass the time. If you are looking for something to read, check out this winter reading list of books written by Thurston County authors.

“Salmon, Cedar, Rock & Rain: Washington’s Olympic Peninsula”

Primary writer Tim McNulty explores the Olympic Peninsula’s complex story of development, conservation, restoration, and cultural heritage, with writers from the Lower Elwha Klallam, Jamestown S’Klallam, Port Gamble S’Klallam, Makah Tribe, and Quinault Indian Nation sharing their histories, stories, and perspectives in the book “Salmon, Cedar, Rock & Rain: Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.” Purchase the book at the Salmon Cedar website or at Browsers Books.

“The Turning Pointe” by Vanessa L. Torres

Author Vanessa L. Torres is a Mexican American from Olympia. Her young adult book, “The Turning Pointe,” is her debut novel about a young Latinx girl finding freedom through dance in 1980s Minnesota. It was a 2023 Washington State Book Awards Finalist. You can purchase her book at Browers Books.

drawing of sailors working on repairing a boat
‘Old Wood Boat’ by Olympia writer Nikki McClure is a wonderful story that parent’s will enjoy reading to their children.

Old Wood Boat” by Nikki McClure

Author of several children’s books and her cut-paper calendars, Nikki McClure is an Olympia writer and artist. “Old Wood Boat” is a love letter to sailing where she tells the story of a restored boat accompanied by renowned cut-paper illustrations. This book was also a 2023 Washington State Book Awards finalist. You can purchase “Old Wood Boat” at the Nikki McClure website and receive an exclusive mini print, or Browers Books

“Opening Wide: An Unruly Dentist Mouths Off” by John Deviny, DDS

John Deviny, a dentist who was born and raised in Thurston County, has written a new book, ““Opening Wide: An Unruly Dentist Mouths Off.” A collection of personal essays, the book is filled with wit, imagination and music. Head to John Deviny’s website to order.

'A Summer Morning" book cover - black and white photo of daisies and grass with the text "A Summer Morning" at the top and "a novel by Anne Leigh Parris' on the bottom
‘A Summer Morning’ is the 13th novel by Thurston County author Anne Leigh Parris.

“A Summer Morning” by Anne Leigh Parris

Olympia author Anne Leigh Parris published her 13th book, “A Summer Morning” in October 2023. It’s an emotionally-charged, character-driven contemporary novel about love and family and the prices we pay for bad decisions. Other books of hers you may want to pick up include the historical fiction novel “An Open Door” and the inspired-by-nature poetry collection “If The Sky Won’t Have Me.” You can purchase her books at Barnes & Noble.

“Frayed Edges” by Margie Keck Smith

Local author Margie Keck Smith published her first book at the age of 75 in the spring of 2023. “Frayed Edges” takes place in Olympia and is a cozy mystery involving a group of women who have been friends since high school. You can purchase “Frayed Edges” at Orca Books.

“The Final Eight Seconds” by Oliva Godat

Thurston County author Olivia Godat released “The Final Eight Seconds” in the spring of 2023. The story is about a cowboy who comes face-to-face with a near-death experience after a bad bull ride. Godat has lived in the Thurston County area for decades. You can order her book from Browsers Books.

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