Olympia is Getting a Cat Café to Help More Cats Get Adopted

Tiffany Weitzel (pictured) holding Phoenix, who will be the Olympia Cat Cafe's 'adoption manager' and one of the resident cats. Photo courtesy: Tiffany Weitzel

In 1998, the first Cat Café opened in Taipei, Taiwan. Since then, they have popped up all over the world. The concept was simple: a place where people could grab a bite to eat, enjoy the company of cats and adopt one if they desired. For rescue cats, the business plan afforded them much more attention and visibility than they would get at a shelter, making it a win-win for all. Our very own Cat Café, Pawsific Northwest Cat Café, is opening in Olympia in 2024.

Olympia Cat Café Will Help Rescue Cats in Thurston County

Tiffany Weitzel has been involved with Red Rose Animal Rescue since August 2022. She started out as a foster but after just three months, she became a foster/adoption coordinator, helping manage intakes and handling adoptions out of her home. Her husband got involved as the IT Manager. In 2023, Tiffany became one of the first of two board members for the rescue. She says the number of cats in need continues to grow faster than their rescue does.

“From 2022 to now, the rescue has grown from the owner and 5 fosters to the owner, 2 board members, and 65 fosters,” Tiffany shares. “In 2023, we adopted out over 600 animals and spayed/neutered just over 1,000 (between TNR, community runs and rescues). And sadly, we have not even made a dent in the need.”

Tiffany Weitzel pictured holding Purdy, a foster failure cat who she and her husband adopted 10 months ago. Photo courtesy: Tiffany Weitzel

During COVID-19, animal adoptions soared. Shelters were even left empty. Unfortunately, the pendulum had to swing back, and now shelters are inundated. Tiffany explains that people did not have access to vet care, which led to a lot of accidental litters. “With shifts in the economy, and pet demand decreasing, the demand for rescue intake has soared,” she adds. “Shelters are full, animals are being dumped off at alarming rates, many pregnant or newborn. The only way to ‘counter’ this now, is to increase adoptions of spayed/neutered animals, provide low-cost spay/neuter options to our community and work on educating on its importance and impact that over-breeding has had.”

Red Rose Animal Rescue is a 100% volunteer-run 501(c)3 nonprofit. Tiffany says she often puts $1,000 or more a month of her own money into the rescue, to care for the cats. There is no municipal funding and grants are competitive. She decided she wanted to do more for the cats and kittens, but needed a way to raise money, so the idea of an Olympia Cat Café began to form. “If we could move the adoptions out of our home, into a more public and accessible location that could support itself, we could make more of an impact and hopefully not be spread so thin,” Tifanny explains.

Pawsific Northwest Cat Café in Olympia Opening April 2024

Tiffany is opening the Cat Café independently from Red Rose Animal Rescue. Working with other small, local rescues in the area, Passionate Pussycats and Feisty Felines, the Pawsific Northwest Cat Café in Olympia is hoping to open April 2024.

Tiffany Weitzel holding an orange tabby cat
Adoption events are one of the main ways they get cats adopted, but the new Pawsific Northwest Cat Café in Olympia will allow adoptable cats to have daily visibility, which will hopefully lead to more adoptions in less time. Photo courtesy: Tiffany Weitzel

The café side will offer coffee, lattes, mochas, tea, hot chocolate, smoothies and Italian sodas. Grab-and-go snacks will include things like muffins, pastries, cookies, bagels, sandwiches, salads, etc. They are pursuing their liquor license so they can also sell beer and wine during Happy Meow-er. “We will strive to change up our options regularly and source local whenever possible,” shares Tiffany. You will also be able to buy art, take a yoga class, do a paint-and-sip and more. The Cat Café will be a community gathering area, with all proceeds going back to helping local cats.

On the other side of a glass wall, there will be cats and kittens to watch as you sip your beverage, play a board game or chat with friends. Want some kitty time? You can reserve 50 minutes in the cat room for $15, which includes a small beverage of your choice. In the room, there will be cat trees, shelves, toys and interactive toys like wands so you can play with the cats. There will be three resident cats that are not for adoption, but the rest of the cats and kittens will be ready to go home with you should you make a kitty connection. “That entrance fee will be put towards the feeding and care of the cats/kittens in the Cat Café,” shares Tiffany. “100% of all adoption fees go directly to the rescue.”

For more updates, including their grand opening date, follow the Pawsific Northwest Cat Café Facebook page. And, if you are looking to foster or adopt now, message them about currently available cats and kittens.

Pawsific Northwest Cat Café
3415 Pacific Avenue SE, Olympia
Pawsific Northwest Cat Café website

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