Simply put, The Rolling Pin in Olympia stocks really cool brands for your cooking and kitchen needs. Great attention is put into filling the retail space with items that are environmentally aware and safe for use. Many are made hyper-locally as well as regionally. It’s worth your time to pop into the store located above the Park Side Café on Olympia’s westside.

Maybe you need to replace something in your own kitchen or are ready to upgrade. You might be looking for a personal gift. At The Rolling Pin, you can see and touch products and talk to someone who is interested in your culinary needs. Manager Victoria Kantargas would love to show you around.

The Rolling Pin keeps a plentiful supply of Grosche products. Grosche is known for taking care of its employees and the environment while making quality products for your coffee and tea making needs, all important to The Rolling Pin, too. Photo courtesy: The Rolling Pin

Thoughtful Brands of Kitchenware at The Rolling Pin

Grosche is a woman-owned and certified B-Corporation, which means it meets high standards of performance, accountability, and transparency on aspects such as employee benefits and supply chain practices. The company has maintained a net negative carbon footprint since 2010, and recycles, composts and reuses.

Charitable giving is integral to its work. For every Grosche item that is sold, there is funding for 50+ days of safe drinking water to someone in need through the purchase of bio-sand filters around the world. In the past 12 years, 300 million days of safe water have been funded with an eye to reaching a half billion by 2030. The company has planted 10,000 trees in Haiti and Africa and launched a banana plantation in South Sudan to help people grow food and create income.

Their products are lovely, too. Find accoutrements for all your coffee and tea making needs. From beans to grinders to makers, Grosche offers top quality. “We have gift boxes with assortment of coffee making supplies and a variety of other products from this awesome company,” says Victoria.

a STEELPORT knife on a wood cutting board with avocados cut in half and tomatoes and chives around it
STEELPORT Knives from Portland is just one of the outstanding brands Olympia’s The Rolling Pin is committed to offer to its customers. They are lovely and utterly utilitarian. Photo courtesy: The Rolling Pin

STEELPORT Knives Company is located in nearby Portland, Oregon. Materials are all American made with rigorous attention to its forged carbon steel cutlery. Handles come from Pacific Northwest big burl maple. Products come with a lifetime warranty and a Sharp Forever program. There are five essential knives in the offering. The owners are proud of their heirloom quality knives allowing you can create your own memories and traditions.

Blend your way to health and happiness with Vitamix. “It’s the best blender out there,” notes Victoria. With strong horsepower and stainless-steel blades, 5- to 10-year warranties and multiple attachments (for some models), you’ll be in business for a long time. The Rolling Pin has a great selection so that you can see them up-close. Victoria invites you to “touch all the buttons and appreciate the design and colors!”

six blenders in a row against a black background
Visit The Rolling Pin to see and touch quality products like Vitamix. Talk with helpful staff to find exactly what you want. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

Smoke & Fire Forge designs and produces hand crafted carbon steel cookware here in Olympia. The 10- and 12-inch pans are lighter than cast iron and are naturally non-stick after seasoning. Check out the accents on the pieces with copper and brass rivets. The company also offers ladles, coffee scoops and bottle openers. Your kitchenware will look like art and be absolutely practical.

Trending Kitchenware Favorites Found in Olympia

Victoria is enjoying her pizza and bread baking stones. You can find them in round or rectangular shapes. GIR spatulas are colorful, flexible and strong. The unibody makes it easy to clean and it’s even antimicrobial. She also likes cutting board mats. They come in various colors and sizes. You’ll find more uses than you might imagine.

2 copper measuring spoons
Small, unique, and truly useful, measuring spoons from Smoke & Forge are one of the many products you can see at Olympia’s The Rolling Pin. Many are locally made. All brands are selected with care. Photo courtesy: The Rolling Pin

Culinary Gifts Found at The Rolling Pin

“People really like basic things like measuring spoons,” says Victoria. The Rolling Pin satisfies the desire to be practical and fun. Gift yourself with a new cookbook, kitchen counter wiper or a baking aid that will make you feel like you’re on the Great British Baking Show. No promises of total success but you’ll be cooking with flair. Get your friends and family to join you.

The Rolling Pin Offers Online Shopping and Curbside Pick Up

Remember, that if you don’t do stairs or prefer shopping online, that works just fine. You can get curbside delivery for all your items. If you don’t find what you want, please let Victoria know. She will check in with her suppliers to see if your wish can be tracked down. Of course, it’s fun to come in person to see everything!

Drop off your own knives to be sharpened by Maumasi Fire Arts. Once a month they are picked up on a Sunday and returned the next Thursday.

Follow The Rolling Pin’s latest news and store events on Facebook and Instagram. Make your kitchen a happier place!

The Rolling Pin
1909 Harrison Ave NW Floor 2, Olympia


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