Olympia Therapy’s Playful Wisdom Provides Help for Summer Months with your Children


Summer is all fun and no stress, right?! Maybe not. Olympia Therapy knows that parents have different challenges during the summer, as do children. Growth spurts, disruptive schedules, and the demands of work all enter the equation called summer. There’s no school, long daylight hours, and changes of routines. They are supposed to be relaxing and picture-perfect, but that does not automatically happen. Playful Wisdom offers insights, ideas and hope for all involved.

two kids play on a deck with a wooden wagon and blocks
Playful Wisdom from Olympia Therapy offers free resources to help parents with the many challenges that come with summer. Photo courtesy: Olympia Therapy

Receive Playful Wisdom Weekly Support for 2 Months of Summer

You can sign up for a series of eight emails that include a brief video with Cary speaking about a pertinent topic timed to coincide with summer’s progression. There will be links to a blog post and other resources. If you start the program after it begins, you’ll be able to catch up. Watch and listen to all the content at your own convenience. “It’s completely free,” says Cary.

“I am going through the same thing you are,” notes Cary, who children are now 10 and 13. After the predictable school days stop, you might hear whining with complaints like “What can I do?”

“The tweens can be really bored,” she acknowledges.

little girl reaching for a miniature sailboat in a concrete pond with a long pole
Olympia Therapy’s Playful Wisdom suggests children can get over scheduled. There may be other options for better outcomes. Photo courtesy: Olympia Therapy

Local Support for Parents Video Schedule

Week #1: It’s okay to be bored.

Really? What does that mean? As a parent, how can I stand the whining? What are my choices? Even though you are not alone in these circumstances, it doesn’t necessarily make it easier. Playful wisdom addresses all this.

Week #2: Setting boundaries and saying, ‘No.’

Why do you need structure?  “It’s okay to say, ‘No,’ more often than you think,” advises Cary.

Then, when you do set boundaries, you need to deal with the aftermath. Most of us can use support in understanding and setting boundaries.

Week #3: Rest. Is your family getting adequate rest?

We are a culture of packing our schedules and thinking that idle hands are a bad thing. Are you really caring for your body, your brain and your spirit? Rest is a powerful tool.

a small boy and girl sitting on toy trucks at a bench in a room looking at tablets with a dog in the background
How do parents take charge of their children’s time in front of screens? Check out Olympia Therapy’s Playful Wisdom for ideas. Photo courtesy: Olympia Therapy

Week #4: All about Technology

When is technology okay? How long it too long? What do you do when you want all devices off?

Phones, pads, and screens of all sorts are ubiquitous. You are the parent. Using technology as a babysitter is a dangerous path. Parents do have power in this arena.

Week #5: Curiosity and Leaning in

Are you a deep listener? When your children ask questions, what are they really wanting to know, but may be unable to verbalize directly? Being a curious parent takes time, but the connections you can make with your family are deep. Listening is a skill. Playful Wisdom wants to help you.

Week #6 Mindfulness

Mindfulness is meant to bring you into the present moment. It reduces your focus on the past and also on the future. How can you incorporate mindfulness into your daily life? It might be easier than you expect. “Each age has its own precious moments,” reminds Cary. How can you be fully present for the age they are now and participate in once in a lifetime moments?

Week #7: It’s Okay to Have Your Children Fail

Failure is often equated with pain and shame, consequently fueling the desire to have our children avoid it at all costs. Perhaps, we need to rethink this perspective. How can failure be a positive force in all our lives and propel us forward with new confidence and skills? What do you want them to learn? “You aren’t a failing parent if your kids have the experience of failure,” coaches Cary.

Week #8: The Power of “And”

How do you connect two truths? How do you deal with the anxiety wanting and not always getting? For example, yes, you’ll be purchasing school supplies AND you have a budget. That means you won’t be buying everything/anything. How can you utilize the word ‘and’?

Check out the Olympia Therapy website for Playful Wisdom and other helpful information.

Doesn’t a fun, more relaxing, less stressful summer sound great?!

a girl dressed as a princess with a jar and a yellow stick in her hand sitting with a stool in front of her. A boy stands in front of her with a toy gun pointed down
Summer can be a time to ease schedules making time for free and imaginative play. Olympia Therapy has suggestion for parents to ease common challenges. Photo courtesy: Olympia Therapy

Securing a Therapist for your Child

The mental health crisis for many children and families has put intense pressure on getting an appointment with a mental health professional. Olympia Therapy wants people to better understand options for qualified care that exist in our community.

Appointments with fully licensed therapists are limited and take time schedule. Many people need support sooner than later. You can usually use your insurance with your regular co-pay.

There are therapists who have finished their schooling and are now doing the required hours of experience before full licensure. They are supervised by the practice’s licensed therapists. You will find greater availability for appointments with these professionals.

Interns are still in school on their paths to becoming fully licensed health care professionals.

“They have knowledge, are eager and want to support people,” explains Cary. Securing an internship position requires heavy vetting by the agency. Interns are under the tutelage of at least two supervisors who review each case. Insurance does not cover this, but the hourly rate for an intern is about the same as your co-pay. Cary notes that clients have several sets of eyes and years of experience on their case. It’s most expedient to get on the calendar by agreeing to meet with an intern.

Olympia Therapy encourages you to seek therapy for better mental health, consider your options, and have a meaningful summer.


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