Investing In Your Child’s Future at Pope John Paul II High School


As adults, we know that investing in the future sometimes requires paying a little up front. When facing our children’s education, we spend time helping with homework or driving to sports practice. We also pay for uniforms, tutors, music lessons and the myriad costs of raising happy, healthy kids. Consider putting your high schoolers on the path of a strong, successful future by enrolling at Pope John Paul II High School (JPII). Tuition now is an investment that pays off in college and in life.

It’s estimated that earning a bachelor’s degree, for example, has a lifetime return on investment of 287%. Locally, parents of JPII students are finding not just a financial return via scholarships and grants, but peace of mind from knowing their children are being taught by an educational family that values, supports and challenges them from day one.

Pope John Paul II High School Senior Luke Christenen receiving $180,000 NROTC Marine Option Scholarship. Photo courtesy: Pope John Paul II High School

JPII High School has Scholarships for Incoming and Outbound Students

John Grossman, the school’s Director of Advancement, says that while there’s a front-end investment to come to JPII, there is always tuition assistance available. “The investment pays off when seniors go to college,” says Grossman. “Last year we had 21 seniors earn $4.3 million in merit-based scholarships.” For incoming freshman, St. Michael Parish, Sacred Heart Parish and the Fulcrum Foundation all provide need-based scholarships and JPII offers financial assistance in addition to those funds.

Eric and Cathy Johnson visited many potential high schools with their son Foster. They consider themselves “exceptionally blessed” to have found JPII and loved the smaller class size and dedication of both teachers and administrators. Foster blossomed because of one simple truth, say the Johnsons: “education is not just about training the mind in reading, writing, and arithmetic but about the whole person. Physical, emotional and spiritual aspects all need to be nurtured to grow a good person and JPII provides that experience.”

Foster has since graduated and received numerous scholarship and acceptance offers. He went on to graduate with honors from the University of Portland and still keeps in touch with his JPII family.

Pope John Paul II High School in Lacey: Caring and Sharing Throughout the Journey

PJ Virk graduated from JPII as part of its inaugural class of freshman. She heard about the program while in middle school, and had attended private schools in elementary and junior high, so this was a perfect fit. Having grown up in India, she and her brother felt comfortable with JPII’s class sizes and high-quality education.

PJ Virk Class of ’14, is now Associate Human Resources Business Partner at Herc Rentals. Photo courtesy: Pope John Paul II High School

“A smaller private school was a better option for us due to the competitive curriculum, one-on-one coaching from professors, smaller class sizes, the focus on inclusion and diversity and the opportunity to be part of something new,” says Virk. “I’m more of a leader than a follower and JPII was all about creating leaders. Looking back to my high school experience as an adult, I appreciate the experience as a whole because it was designed to prepare me for college and not just in terms of education with the college level classes, but also as an individual.”

She found the transition to college a smooth one and acknowledges that, “It’s an experience that continues to develop you even as an adult.”

Entrusting Your Child’s Education to JPII Is Worth the Leap of Faith

Essie Ocampo-Marapao “literally jumped for joy” when she heard a Catholic high school was opening in our area. Before JPII, the nearest was in Tacoma and that commute wasn’t feasible for their family. “We knew we would face financial hardship having both of our sons enroll in private education,” says Ocampo-Marapao, “however, with the scholarships and financial assistance available, Radric became one of the first full 4-year graduates of JPII in 2014. This was only possible because of the continued support of our sponsors, donors and community.”

Radric Marapao JPII Class of ’14 with parents Essie and Rad Marapao. Photo courtesy: Pope John Paul II High School

Tuition worries were immediately put to rest by staff who “emphasized that the price of tuition should not deter us from sending our kids to JPII,” says Ocampo-Marapao. “They said there will always be a way and that sentiment still rings true today. We have referred countless families to JPII and gave them the same comfort that was passed along to us.”

Their youngest son Connor practically grew up at JPII. In kindergarten when older brother Radric was attending games and dances, he visited many times. Now a senior ready to move on, they can see how much the school has grown but quality stays the same. “To the families out there who are thinking or interested in providing their kids with the best secondary education, please don’t hesitate to call the school,” says Ocampo-Marapao. “Experience a tour and you will see how this small school is big at heart.”

JPII High School Answers Questions and Supports Families Along the Way

If you have questions about JPII’s tuition assistance, email Monica Davis or call 360.438.7600. Each year, JPII awards more than $500,000 in tuition assistance to families with incomes ranging from $12,000 a year to $180,000 and above. Contact the admissions office for more information and to schedule your personal tour.  

Investing in our children is a gift which benefits their friends, family and future. Learn more about JPII’s programming then reach out to discuss how it can benefit your kids for generations to come.


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