Find a Community of Togetherness at Harbor Heights with Events and Activities for Couples, Families and New Neighbors


When some people think of retirement, it can conjure up images of lonely days at home, isolated from the rest of the world. At Harbor Heights, you can stay active and connected well into retirement thanks to their commitment to bringing people together. This 55+ community in downtown Olympia truly values community and connection, and makes every effort to create a space that invites couples, families, and neighbors to build new memories together that will last a lifetime. Whether you are a social butterfly or just like to be part of a community, Harbor Heights has a little something for everyone to stay connected.

Kelly and Mary Ann settled into Harbor Heights in July of 2022 and have found it suits their active lifestyle perfectly. While they love being in Downtown Olympia, they frequently hit the road on biking trips, such as this trek they did in Idaho. Photo courtesy: Kelly Thompson

Long-Married Couple Finds a Home at Harbor Heights

Transitioning into the “empty nester” phase of life with your partner can be daunting, with uncertainties about what to expect and how to keep the spark alive. For Kelly and Mary Ann Thompson, it was important for them to continue to be stay active together and live somewhere they could be close to the things they love. After raising their kids in a 3,800-square-foot home on Hewitt Lake, Kelly and Mary Ann found the upkeep of a house was keeping them from their hobbies and passions.

“Our quest was to find a place that is near the water since we like living on the water, and a place that was affordable for shrinking incomes as we moved into retirement,” shares Kelly. “It turns out that if you add all that together, a boat downtown is a good place to be.” The couple spent the last 12 years living on their boat at the Olympia Yacht Club, soaking up the sun and relaxing in the ocean breeze.

Kelly and Mary Ann with bikes on the Missouri River
Kelly and Mary Ann recently hit the Missouri River and biked alongside in 2022. They love being near the water and seeing new places! Photo courtesy: Kelly Thompson

As much fun as being full-time liveaboards was, the Thompsons began to grow weary of the upkeep and maintenance of the boat. They decided that they didn’t want to expend energy on that when they had travel plans, biking trips, and more planned for the days ahead. With a goal to find a pet-friendly, affordable, waterfront home, Kelly and Mary Ann didn’t have to look much further than their backdoor to discover Harbor Heights had everything they needed. “We wanted to stay downtown and still have the opportunity to have a community that was more than just an apartment,” says Mary Ann.

After seeing the gorgeous views from the Sky Terrace and meeting the animal-lovers on the pet-friendly floors, the couple decided to move into Harbor Heights in July of 2022.

In 48 years of marriage, they have continued to find ways to keep life exciting, and Harbor Heights is just another way for them to do that. With a comfortable and conveniently located home base, the Thompsons can easily trek out on their e-bikes or jet off to a foreign land and know their community is there waiting for them. When they are home, they absolutely love the walkability to downtown stores, shops, and restaurants and stay active walking their dog around the beautiful waterfront walkways. Kelly and Mary Ann aren’t the only ones soaking up the amenities at Harbor Heights, and frequently welcome their family into the community to create new memories together. “Our grandkids just love visiting us and think we are the coolest grandparents ever because we have the pool tables and ping pong tables here,” Mary Ann shares. “Heritage Park nearby is also a huge hit, so we rank pretty high on the grandparent list.” For them, living at Harbor Heights has seamlessly brought together all of the things they love about the area and giving them a space to find new adventures.

Ageless Adventures Await You at Harbor Heights

chef Roy Breiman cooking at Harbor Heights
For Valentine’s Day in 2022, Harbor Heights featured a local chef Roy Breiman to share cooking tips and tricks with residents. Celebrating your special someone is always better with delicious food! Photo credit: Kate Zietz

The Harbor Heights community creates a welcoming and inviting space for people to easily come together and share hobbies, stories, food, and more. With a theatre, crafts room, game room, and community kitchen, residents can find so much to stay busy with alongside new friends or with their loved ones. Families and friends are welcome to come enjoy the amenities with you, and you may quickly discover new friends right outside your door thanks to the gathering areas and pet-friendly community. “The place is designed for community, which is evident from the meeting places on various floors and the fire pits on the massive deck outside,” Kelly shares. “It really lends itself to meeting folks and being with people.”

In addition to the regular amenities, Harbor Heights routinely plans and hosts events for residents to learn new skills or just socialize within the community. For last year’s Valentine’s Day, they featured celebrity chef, Roy Breiman in their lobby kitchen to showcase delicious foods and bring people together. Recently, they hosted the Pup Parade in partnership with Mud Bay to highlight the wonderful pet community at Harbor Heights. They also regularly host wine tastings and recently hosted a paint and sip event, giving each resident the opportunity to learn new skills and connect. Even when it is quiet at Harbor Heights, residents can still embark into downtown Olympia to enjoy a locally-crafted meal or see a production in one of the many wonderful theatres. With a lively internal community and close proximity to downtown amenities, Harbor Heights has everything individuals and couples need to stay active and connected.

Call today to schedule your tour of Harbor Heights and discover new experiences to add to your lifetime of adventures.

Harbor Heights
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