The Old Alcohol Plant on the Olympic Peninsula overlooking Port Townsend Bay will win your heart with their unique social enterprise model as a boutique hotel, garden-to-table restaurant and art gallery that supports Bayside Housing & Services, a nonprofit organization. The hotel welcomes visitors for a humanitarian stay that is brimming with historical intrigue. It’s the perfect place to stay for a weekend trip to Port Townsend Bay.

Place to Stay on Your Way to Indian Island and Marrowstone Island

The Old Alcohol Plant In Port Hadlock
The Old Alcohol Plant In Port Hadlock is home to a boutique Inn, garden-to-table restaurant and art gallery that supports a humanitarian mission in partnership with Bayside Housing & Services. Photo credit: Jess Caldwell

As a gateway resting stop before the bridge to Indian Island and Marrowstone Island from either Port Townsend or Port Ludlow, the Old Alcohol Plant with its extremely friendly staff will provide an overnight stay that allows guests to easily explore the local gems of the Puget Sound area.

Place to Eat in Port Hadlock

Dine-in at the Old Alcohol Plant’s Spirits Bar & Grill for seasonal fare from their terraced food production garden located on-site. With a rotating art gallery on the second floor and a wall in the lobby dedicated to photographer Ansel Adams whose family roots involve ownership of the original pulp mill, there is plenty to see and do even if the weather turns rainy.

Discover the history, stories and mission of this beloved property that will inspire meaningful conversations of hope and possibility.

100-Year History Creates a Charitable Future at Old Alcohol Plant in Port Hadlock

inside the Old Alcohol Plant with historic photos on walls
As a historic building that goes back over a century, a wall inside the lobby is dedicated to the works of Ansel Adams, whose grandfather launched construction of the Alcohol Plant in 1909. Photo credit: Jess Caldwell

Visionaries and investors came together to bring life back to this outlier of a building in Port Hadlock.

Upon arrival of this charming historic building with stunning views of Port Townsend Bay, visitors will immediately feel the unique character. The staff are all very knowledgeable and eager to share stories. Charles H. Adams, grandfather of Ansel Adams, launched construction of The Alcohol Plant in 1909 and processed alcohol from sawdust. It was a short-lived venture as the doors closed in 1913 after competition for alcohol caused an overwhelming loss of capital. After decades of vacancy, Ansel Adams visited with interest in its revitalization, however it wasn’t until 1979 that a purchase was made to transform The Alcohol Plant into a hotel and marina.

With a few incarnations from investors over the years, the property became what visitors will experience today: a for-profit inn that runs symbiotically with a nonprofit entity in an innovative partnership. The adjoining tower of the hotel houses Bayside Housing & Services, a transitional supportive housing organization that helps community members who are in flux and in need of a safe, stable place to stay.

The Old Alcohol Plant Spirits Bar & Grill provides jobs and skills training and the garden provides additional food sources.

Why not take a vacation that supports charitable works? It’s a great way to feel good about taking that time off to recharge and refresh.

Agritourism Garden Provides Old Alcohol Plant’s Spirits Bar & Grill, the Bayside Residents and Local Food Banks with Fresh Food

The winter garden at The Old Alcohol Plant
The winter garden at The Old Alcohol Plant brings seasonal produce into the kitchen like lettuce, curly endive, mustards, baby cabbage and arugula. Photo credit: Jess Caldwell

Agritourism is thriving in the Olympic Peninsula and in 2017 the Old Alcohol Plant created an edible landscape with tiered vegetable beds, a greenhouse and crop field that sits right behind the restaurant for all to enjoy.

Guests can dine in the garden in the summer months and produce is harvested weekly for direct garden-to-table cuisine. Spirits Bar & Grill also partners with local providers including  Finnriver Farm & Cidery, Marrowstone Island Shellfish, Port Townsend Roasting Co. and Chimacum Valley Dairy to complete the connection of sustainability. Executive Chef Troy Murrell shared that healthy gardening practices are used to create rich soil from composting and bed rotation to using trace minerals without chemical fertilizers.

“It has been most rewarding to build strong relationships that benefit the community,” shares Murrell. “I enjoy cooking and helping others get a new start. I teach culinary skills to residents of Bayside Housing and offer training and job experience through the restaurant. Food is love and we are able to share that with many through our mission”.

The garden gives such abundant production, a partnership has been created with the local food banks to use the produce for their meal programs.

Vacation on the Olympic Peninsula

A group of women gather for a holiday party at Spirits Bar & Grill at the Old Alcohol Plant
A group of women gather for a holiday party at Spirits Bar & Grill. The Old Alcohol Plant provides an artistic and fun venue space for group gatherings, reunions and weddings. Photo credit: Jess Caldwell

The Olympic Peninsula is an all-season travel destination in Washington. While evergreen forests, sunsets on the Salish Sea and outdoor adventure bring visitors from faraway places throughout the year, agritourism has flourished in this region from the many farms and culinary partnerships that draw Northwesterners in particular.

For those drawn to art, history, and supporting humanitarian projects that have direct impact, book a stay at the Old Alcohol Plant for a meaningful local vacation. Visit Enjoy Olympic Peninsula to create inspiration for your perfect travel itinerary.

The Old Alcohol Plant Google Map
310 Hadlock Bay Road, Port Hadlock


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