Submitted by Westport Winery

Long ago, when they owned Lahaina Divers on Maui, Westport Winery Garden Resort owners, Blain, Kim and Carrie Roberts, were advised by a consultant to “find out what your customer wants, then give it to them.” Since changing the winery name to include the words “garden resort” in 2015, guests have clamored for lodging to better enjoy the gardens, museum, tasting rooms and restaurant.  

The family members have lived on the property since founding the winery in 2008. Kim Roberts said, “We created a beautiful goldfish bowl, but we are the fish!” With this in mind they have been building new homes nearby that will allow them to offer their residences and RV spaces as vacation rentals through Vineyards By The Sea, the family’s company that owns the land. 

In keeping with the Coast Guard theme of the resort’s architecture, the RV spaces are listed as “Slips”. Each “Slip” has its own fire pit, table and chairs. There is no septic dump on site, so RVs need to be self-contained. There is a shared electrical connection between the pull-through sites, each with garden and forest views.  

The vacation rentals are named using Coast Guard officer designations including the Commander’s Palace and the Captain’s Cottage. All are pet-friendly with fully fenced yards. Depending on the home, other amenities include fire pits, hot tubs, and BBQs. The interiors reflect life on the beach in terms of décor with a focus on high-end finishes and art featuring both the winery and distillery labels.  

Links to reserve the RV spaces and homes will be live on March 1, allowing bookings after April 15 (following the Mermaid Festival from April 1-9). That is when features, pricing and availability will be listed at Vineyards by the Sea Lodging website with direct booking links. They will also be listed on both AirBnB and VRBO. All bookings are exclusively online, so do not try to book by phone. 

The International Mermaid Museum is adding an event tent and will accept wedding venue bookings at Westport Winery Garden Resort after April 15. The addition of lodging onsite offers couples and their families he ability to fully utilize the resort for their festivities. For more information, go to the Westport Winter website or email Events@WestportWinery.com. 

Westport Winery Garden Resort, the Sea Glass Grill, Ocean’s Daughter Distillery, and the International Mermaid Museum are located halfway between Aberdeen and Westport in coastal Washington State. The resort is open daily from 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Reservations are recommended in the Sea Glass Grill by calling 360.648.2224.  

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