In today’s red hot real estate market, it’s tempting to snatch up that good buy—or buyer—before someone else does. But whether buying or selling a home, waiving the home inspection is never a good idea. Homes are a big investment and beautiful staging, or a fresh coat of paint might hide expensive problems down the road. Let the professionals, like those at Boggs Inspection Services, make sure your home is safe, secure and drama-free for years to come.

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Thurston County’s hot real estate market is booming and with Boggs you know exactly what you’re getting into. Photo courtesy; Boggs Inspection Services

According to Redfin, Thurston County’s housing market shows a 15.6% increase in year over year sales. That beats the nationwide average of 14.8%. Buyers pounce on every available property and sellers want to bring in top dollar, but sometimes they do so by cutting corners to save time. Including waiving home inspections. “There is no way to know the true condition of a home without having a professional home inspection to evaluate all the different components of the home,” stresses Heather Derrick from Boggs Inspection Services.

This includes problem areas like foundation issues, electrical defects, roof problems, plumbing issues, attic and crawl space ventilation, explains Derrick. “These are all things that can be fixed but could turn into expensive problems if not addressed right away. Small issues left unattended turn into big problems later on.”

Boggs Home Inspections Services Are Worth the Time and Money

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Boggs Inspection Services offers home inspections often within 24 hours to expedite the sales process. Photo courtesy; Boggs Inspection Services

Boggs’s home inspections come in three tiers and cover the home top to bottom. They can even add in a 100-day warranty, thermal imaging, sewer and main water supply line protection or termite protection as well. That way both buyers and sellers are on the same page and transparent negotiations can continue.

But you may say to yourself, “The market just moves so fast! Why not just roll the dice?” Inspections with Boggs don’t take weeks to complete. “We can typically schedule an inspection within 24 hours and will always do whatever we can to accommodate a tight schedule,” says Derrick. “We understand the market and need for a quick turnaround. And because we have a team of inspectors, we are able to have two inspectors take on larger homes to get the inspection done faster.”

Inspections are paid for by the buyer and cannot be rolled into the home’s fees and closing costs. But knowing about all issues—current or just around the corner—can be a good bargaining tool. With this in mind, it is always the buyer’s choice of inspection team, says Derrick. “They should feel confident in who they hire.”

 Boggs Inspection Services worker going into a crawl space of a house
Don’t rush the process and waive inspection, with Boggs they’ll walk you through the process and fully explain all results. Photo courtesy; Boggs Inspection Services

Home buying involves lots of paperwork, banking, forms and industry reports which—let’s be honest—are written in jargon we may not fully understand. “When we do inspections, our inspectors invite our customers to follow them throughout the inspection if they would like, but at the very least they go over all the findings at the end of the inspection while on site or via FaceTime or Zoom, if needed, and follow up with a full report, including photos,” shares Derrick. “And they are always available for questions after the inspection.”

At the end of the day, it’s a simple equation. “Buying a home is likely the most expensive purchase you will make and spending less than 1% of that investment to ensure you’re making the right decision is well worth the cost,” says Derrick.

Talk with your real estate agent to determine other ways to make your offer competitive,” she continues, “they are amazing at what they do, so you might be surprised with what you can do to get the house you want without compromising a home inspection. But if you end up feeling like waiving a home inspection is all you can do, we do have pre-offer reviews that we can do to ensure the major systems of the home are looked at. It’s not the same as a full home inspection but is definitely better than skipping it all together.”

Boggs Inspection Services Post-Purchase Home Inspection

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Home inspections allow both buyer and seller to proceed transparently and on the same page about repair issues. Photo courtesy; Boggs Inspection Services

Have you already signed on the dotted line without an inspection? Never fear. At Boggs, they can provide peace of mind to homeowners as well. “If you have already found yourself in the position of waiving a home inspection and you’re in your new home now, we have post-purchase home inspections,” says Derrick. “You can have one of our professional inspectors come look at your home to make sure there aren’t any issues that need to be addressed. There is no such thing as a perfect home, so at the very least, you will be left with a honey-do list to help keep your home well maintained.”

Speaking of your honey-do list, Boggs provides an easy to follow monthly home maintenance checklist with little things that’ll keep your home safe and sound all year long. There’s also a pre-listing checklist if you decide to sell as well as sample inspection report to familiarize yourself with what inspectors look for and how its explained.

You can schedule an inspection at the Boggs Inspection Services website or by calling 360.480.9602. Have questions about the process or available tiers? Call for assistance today. Buying and selling a house is a big deal. Help the process go smoothly for everyone with a little help from the Boggs Inspection team.


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