Thurston Regional Planning Council Seeks Public Input on Transportation Priorities


Submitted by Thurston Regional Planning Council

Thurston Regional Planning Council (TRPC) wants to hear from you – so much so that they’ve sent postcards to every household in Thurston County asking for input. The topic at hand? Transportation Priorities. The Council is conducting an online survey to learn more about your transportation needs and priorities – to better plan for the future of the Thurston region.

TRPC is a regional agency that focuses on long range planning, primarily around transportation, land use, and environmental issues. As part of their responsibilities, they develop long range transportation plans for the region, and select transportation projects for funding. There are no particular funding decisions on the table, rather, the Council is taking a step back and looking at overall priorities like safety or resiliency.

Postcards letting Thurston County residents know about the survey have been arriving in mailboxes this month – and will continue to arrive over coming weeks. “People ask for a voice in where we focus our efforts, and this survey gives them that voice. We’ve already heard from folks that they appreciate it,” says Veena Tabbutt, Deputy Director of Thurston Regional Planning Council.

TRPC plays an important role in meeting federal and state planning requirements to implement and coordinate the region’s transportation planning activities. This includes working with local, state, and federal government agencies, a variety of stakeholders such as transit companies, business representatives, environmental groups, and utilities, as well as the general public.

TRPC has specific responsibilities under federal and state laws, including the federal Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) legislation, the state Growth Management Act, and the Washington Clean Air Act. Maintaining compliance with these regulatory requirements ensures continued funding for the regional transportation work programs and local improvement projects.

Beyond compliance with laws, the Council recognizes that transportation does not stop at jurisdictional boundaries. Our residents need a seamless, efficient, well-maintained system that serves their needs –transporting people and goods. “Our hope is people take the time to fill out the survey, because we are listening,” says Tabbutt.

Take the survey here.

Learn more about TRPC here.

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