Anderson Island’s ‘Ol’ Swimming Hole’ Opening for the Season with Restrictions

Anderson Island Park
Photo courtesy: Anderson Island Park & Recreation District

Submitted by Anderson Island Park & Recreation District

Anderson Island Park & Recreation District (AIPRD) will open its lakeside swimming spot as usual for Memorial Day weekend on Saturday, May29. However, this year things will look a little different.

Featured in many recreation articles, Lowell Johnson Park, or “The Ol’ Swimming Hole,” has steadily risen in popularity as a Puget Sound destination. With overcrowding being an ongoing concern, new restrictions will be implemented for the 2021 season: Car entrance will be limited to the 15-car parking available inside the park perimeter. Once the lot is full, arriving cars will be turned away until spaces become available.

“This park is an island favorite, but our 2020 survey found that 80% of island residents listed overcrowding as a concern and almost 40% had limited their use of the park because of it. Since it’s Anderson Island residents that pay for our parks, the Board decided to make some changes to manage the situation,” said Chuck Hinds, AIPRD chair. “Bikes and walk-ins won’t be restricted at this time, but for folks driving over for the day, we wanted to make the public aware of these vehicle restrictions as they plan for the holiday weekend and summer outings.” 

The island’s other lakeside parks are privately owned by the Riviera Community Club, so when the Swimming Hole is at capacity, there is no access for individuals not granted access by that HOA. 

About AIPRD, Anderson Island Park & Recreation District was established in 1968 to manage greenspace and recreation opportunities on the island. A separate entity from Pierce County Park & Recreation department, AIPRD is funded by Anderson Island taxpayers, run by volunteers, and operates 11 parks on the island. Learn more at Anderson Island Park & Recreation District website. 

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