Jan continues to return to the skills and services at T-SPA for the care of her nails. “She is the best,” says Jan Kelson, who has appreciated Lily Han for more than twenty years. Lily and her husband Lam own T-SPA NAILS by the Tumwater Safeway. Two decades is a long time. “I’ve tried others,” admits Jan, “but Lily will bend over backwards to accommodate you.”

Owners Lam and Lily welcome you to their neighborhood salon where cleanliness and customer satisfaction are paramount. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

Even before the pandemic, customers were concerned with the cleanliness at nail salons. T-SPA NAILS takes this heightened awareness seriously, keeping all areas clean before and after each appointment as well as sterilizing instruments. T-SPA has always taken pride in the care of its facility, wanting people to feel safe and comfortable.

Have you ever had a manicure or a pedicure? There are plenty of reasons to visit, whether it is your first or your fiftieth time.

Special Occasions 

The definition of special occasion may have shifted, but we are still creating them. People are getting married and going out, just in smaller groups. Did you ever get your nails done as part of wedding or prom preparations? It was fun to be with your group of family and friends, wrapped up in the excitement of the day. At T-SPA NAILS you can make an appointment for your small cadre of partygoers. Family members can sit closer together while friends can be more physically distant. Seating for manicures have plastic barriers in-between, and the larger chairs for pedicures are already farther apart. Sip a mimosa and relax.

Another special occasion could be bringing in your child or grandchild for a date. T-SPA has a wonderful Princess Anna chair that is sized for smaller folks. While many fun treats kids normally get have been cancelled or restricted due to the pandemic, you can still treat your prince or princess to a fun spa day.

Stress Relief 

Azita Naderpour trusts her nail care to T-SPA. On this afternoon she was getting both a manicure and pedicure simultaneously as a time saving device. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

Life has stress. We miss seeing friends and family. We’re working from home while kids are learning remotely. Life is busy with aging parents, managing bills and taking care of business. Designating an hour to sit quietly is an excellent use of time. Sitting at T-SPA is peaceful and afterwards, you’ll be able to admire your freshly painted fingers and/or toes. It’s a simple pleasure, but one I find remarkably nice. When my toes are painted, I feel the memories of being on warm beaches wash over me like a breaking wave. What could be more relaxing?

Increased Blood Circulation 

An actual health benefit of a pedicure comes from soaking your feet in pleasantly warm water. Then your feet and lower legs are rubbed with lotion helping with circulation. Your manicure will include massaging lotion into your hands and lower arms. I tell myself all the blood circulation support on my extremities is appreciated by my brain, too.

Azita Naderpour has been going to T-SPA since 2010. “I like Lily,” she says, but on this day was enjoying express service from Anna and Dao. One was giving her a manicure while the other was giving her a pedicure. That gives you two services in the time it takes to do one, allowing for maximum relaxation without taking up your busy day. However, if you have time to really relax and indulge, you can still have them done consecutively.

It was a coincidence that Azita happened to be at T-SPA NAILS the same afternoon I stopped in. I introduced myself to her as a ThurstonTalk writer who wanted to know why she chose T-SPA. We quickly realized that we had first met each other when two of our children were together at NOVA Middle School many years ago. That led to a delightful separate conversation. The experience of reconnecting with someone is “so Olympia.” T-SPA NAILS is the perfect place for that to happen.

On the advice from a friend, the Whites were celebrating time with each other by taking time for a trio of pedicures. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

At the other end of the salon was Makakylahj White, who had come in with her two daughters Telea and Lexus. On the recommendation of a friend, the trio came in to luxuriate in pedicures. They were enjoying their visit with each other and appreciating the splurge of time and money.

Selfcare is physical, mental and spiritual well-being. There are many avenues to feeling your best. T-SPA NAILS can help. One of my dear friends has acrylic nails. They keep her from biting her cuticles. Another friend puts little diamond flowers on her nail, because it makes her smile. I love my manicured fingers with a simple, shiny buff. Try out different colors, styles and designs.

By the way, Lily did the nails for two of Jan’s daughters’ weddings. She was invited to their weddings. Your manicurist doesn’t have to be your best friend, but she can certainly be there for your nail needs. T-SPA Nails is open seven days a week and looks forward to seeing you soon.

T-SPA Nails  
408 Cleveland Suite 101, Tumwater


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