Synergy HomeCare: The Importance of Post Hospital Discharge Care


The moment a loved one leaves the hospital it becomes incredibly important that they have quality support and care. Your mom likely was sick before entering the hospital, or your dad could be weak from treatments or medicines they need to help fight their illness. Often times weakness goes hand in hand with being in a bed for an extended period of time. Whether a loved one has had surgery, orthopedic care, or is recovering from a broken hip, it is important they keep up with their post treatment care.

While your loved one takes time to heal they may need a little extra support. Photo courtesy: Synergy HomeCare

Things to Keep in Mind

When a hospital discharges a senior with a specific diagnosis and gives them a discharge plan or rules to follow regarding exercise, nutrition and medication, they expect that senior to progressively get better. This is usually all covered by Medicare.

The last thing you want is for your close family member to be readmitted for complications, and it’s the last thing the hospital wants especially if they are coming back with the same diagnosis.  A lot of the time Medicare does not cover hospital stays for clients who are returning to the hospital with the same diagnosis. A second hospital stay delays successful healing and is very costly.

Post Discharge Care

  • Medications. When loved ones leave the hospital there are often new medications and sometimes those medications have to be administered every few hours or at different times during the day. This can leave your mom and dad tired and confused about when to take their medication.
  • Physical Therapy/Exercise. There may be new exercises to do at home with physical therapy. It can be hard after having a major surgery or event to be motivated to do exercises on their own at a regular pace. These exercises are important to rebuild lost muscle mass or heal quickly from the surgery they experienced. Synergy can help your loved one by reminding them to do these exercises.
  • Synergy HomeCare Post discharge care
    Remembering to take medication after experiencing surgery can be harder than it seems. Photo courtesy: Synergy HomeCare

    Nutrition. Eating nutritious meals or sticking to a special diet is incredibly important to give the body the things it needs in order to heal properly. It may seem easy to pull out a frozen meal or pull through a fast food restaurant, but if their body isn’t replenishing the things it needs to heal then they may not heal as quickly.

It’s important to follow up with your regular doctor after discharge. Synergy can help you make sure the appointment gets made and can help your loved one get there.

How Synergy Can Help

The biggest thing Synergy HomeCare wants to help with is preventing that second hospital stay.  Carefully following the discharge plan can prevent this from happening.

Synergy HomeCare has exceptional in-home caregivers who do cooking, meal planning, help remind them to do exercises, remind your loved ones to take their medicine, or just be a support to them.

Even if our caregiver only has to drop in to cook lunch and take your loved one on a walk, Synergy HomeCare provides quality care.

Let’s Talk

Preventing future injury is important to help your loved one remain in good health and enjoy their retirement. Calling Synergy HomeCare today means we can schedule a free home assessment to identify safety risks and talk about what kind of care you need. We have Care Managers and Nursing Assistants who have experience in caring for people where this elevated care is important. Let us help you with your individual healing process.

We are happy to discuss your specific care plan!

For more information or a free home assessment, call the Olympia office of Synergy HomeCare at 360-338-0837.

If you are in the Tacoma area, please call 253-267-0116.


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