AM Medical’s Max Pulse Measures Stress to Proactively Avert Health Crises


Ah, the good old days, when the human survival instinct was triggered by something simple – a man-eating tiger, perhaps, or an enraged bull elephant. Today, deadlines, job responsibilities and the complexities of modern parenting have taken the place of more blatant stressors, but our bodies still go into fight-or-flight mode under pressure. So why is it that some people seem less affected by everyday challenges than others?

AM Medical Max Pulse
The Max Pulse device can measure not only a patient’s physical and mental stress levels but their resistance to stress. Photo courtesy: AM Medical

The answer lies in our brains. The more receptor sites we have in areas with receptor sites for stress chemicals, the higher our tolerance for stress. Now, a machine called the Max Pulse can tell exactly how strong – or weak – that tolerance is. “It really shows the connection between stress and the body,” says Dr. Ana Mihalcea of AM Medical in Yelm. “It measures, through the autonomic nervous system, a person’s mental and physical stress and their stress resistance.”

The screening test takes just three minutes but provides invaluable information about overall stress levels and arterial health. “Through the wave function in the Max Pulse, we can see the level of arterial sclerosis and how the arteries empty after a heartbeat,” says Mihalcea. “In three minutes, we can tell you whether or not you’re at risk and need further assessment.”

While AM Medical offers the screening to all patients, it can easily be performed in a variety of settings, she notes. “If corporations want to offer it to their staff, providing it in the office is extremely doable.”

Chronic stress creates a plethora of problems in the body, from high blood pressure to a compromised immune system, digestive issues, memory problems and a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. Being able to catch warning signs early can prevent much greater health issues later on.

“Because there is such a connection between stress, aging, and disease, managing it so that people can have optimum functionality is really important,” says Mihalcea. “We don’t want people to get a heart attack or a stroke. We don’t want them to develop high blood pressure. We can actionably reverse these changes for greater health.”

Learn more by visiting the AM Medical website or by calling 360.960.8538.


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