Located on Division Street in Olympia’s Westside, Gypsy Greens offers an assortment of cannabis products to fit every customer’s taste and budget. When you walk into Gypsy Greens, the employees or budtenders as they are called in the industry, greet you with a smile and a friendly request to check ID. The atmosphere is relaxed. The sales pace is customer-driven. Two budtenders wait behind the counter allowing customer to browse the products and ask questions at their leisure.

Gypsy Greens Olympia Assistant manager
Assistant Manager Adrian Sandez is one of the friendly faces you will see behind the counter at Gypsy Greens. Photo credit: Holly Reed

“It pretty much sells itself,” says Rick Siegel, lead budtender. He explains the customers usually arrive at the shop knowing they plan to purchase cannabis in some form, but may not know what options there are until they walk into the store. “it’s our job to help them find what kind of experience they are looking for, whether that be a more uplifting experience or something to help them relax at the end of the day,” he continues.

Adrian Sandez, the assistant manager, receives feedback from customers and vendors about the products offered at Gypsy Greens. “I want to build a relationship with the customer,” Sandez says. Cannabis, known commonly as marijuana, has several effects, depending on the strain of plant it comes from.  He explains that some people are looking for a more energetic experience that fits with the Sativa strains. Others are looking for a more deep body relaxation, which fits with the Indica strains. Hybrids offer a bit from both strains, but effects vary from strain to strain. He says it’s important to get to know the customer and what they are looking for in order to provide them with the best experience.

Gypsy Greens Olympia Edibles
Sandez says that Gypsy Greens offers a number of edibles that are very popular with customers. Photo credit: Holly Reed

Sandez also says that the size of the Gypsy Greens shop appeals to a lot of customers. The selection at Gypsy Greens is abundant, about as large as you would find at one of the bigger stores. The stores small size and a small staff allows them to get to know their customers. In turn, they become familiar with what their customers are looking for when they come into the store. Sandez tells me that customers are happy to see a face that they recognize, instead of walking into an impersonal shop where employees are cycled in and out so frequently that they never see the same budtender twice.

Siegel‘s wealth of knowledge about the products his store offers comes from several places.  He attributes his expertise to talking to customers about their experiences with products, a lot of online research, as well as personal experience helping family members navigate the medical marijuana industry prior to the legalization of recreational cannabis. Once cannabis was legalized in Washington State, Siegel began working as a concentrator for the Phoenix Cannabis Company. He helped grow plants, packaged, weighed and trimmed the products, and concentrated the oils that go into the edible products. Now, working at Gypsy Greens, Siegel has knowledge of the entire process, from seed to sale.

Gypsy Greens Olympia product regulations

Washington State law requires testing of each batch of product. The information is listed on every product sold at the store. Photo credit: Holly Reed

Siegel says that he envisions positive changes to the industry as a result of state legality and relaxed attitudes toward the plant. As he sees the stigma and taboo disappearing he hopes that people will see cannabis as a useful tool. He appreciates the recent legislation which allows the industry to test, research and grow different strains. He says that that research is promising for increased medical applications of cannabis like the use of CBD. CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical compound unique to cannabis which is gaining popularity for treatment of a number of ailments. Unlike THC, the compound which produces the euphoric high associated with cannabis, CBD lacks the psychoactive effects. Research has been optimistic about the use of CBD for ailments like epilepsy, and recreational cannabis has helped open that door.

Sandez also has a history working in the medical marijuana industry prior to working in the recreational market. “I see my customers, just like I did when I saw patients,” he says, “I want to help them find what they are looking for.”

Gypsy Greens Olympia product selection
Rick Siegel, lead budtender, loves talking with his customers. He says sometimes the product selection varies, but Gypsy Greens offers a number of quality products that fit their customer’s expectations. Photo credit: Holly Reed

Gypsy Greens offers specials every day and budtenders can help with purchases or just answer questions.  They are open seven days a week for customers 21-years-old and older. Don’t forget your ID. The store is cash only, but they have an ATM onsite for customers.

Cannabis has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. Smoking is hazardous to your health. There may be health risks associated with consumption of cannabis products. Cannabis should not be used by women that are pregnant or breast feeding. Cannabis is for use only by adults 21-years-old and older. Keep out of reach of children. Marijuana can impair concentration, coordination and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of marijuana.


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