Inside Out, Upside Down: Tips for Cleaning Pots and Pans


Scrubbing pots and pans is a labor of love. Handwashing keeps their sensitive interiors intact for years of perfect sauces, sautés and seared steaks. But what about the outside or—even more importantly—the underside of your beloved cookware?

elite cleaning of washington
Scottiejo McNulty and the Elite Cleaning of Washington team are award-winning commercial and residential cleaning experts. Photo credit: Elite Cleaning of Washington

These days, many kitchens have hanging or wall-mounted pot racks as a focal point. This means everyday use puts a strain (and stain) on your pots and pans…but one that’s easily fixed.

Scottiejo McNulty of Elite Cleaning of Washington explains that cleaning the underside as well as the interior “adds to the value of your pans and their longevity. Depending on the amount of build-up, it could cause the pan to not conduct heat properly.” This is especially true for families with gas ranges as “the open flames create residue more than an electric cooktop.”

The interior of many pans are delicate and should be treated as such. But for the undersides, something as simple as a pre-soaped steel wool pad works wonders. Be careful, though, if using that on popular colored pans. Stick to heavy-weight stainless steel cookware when using steel wool. Cleaners such as Barkeepers Friend can be your best friend, too, when shining up your pots and pans.

Even if not deep cleaning, make sure all surfaces inside and out are free from grease or food particles as these can smolder or catch fire. Reports say that “one of the leading causes of home fires is cooking-related incidents and in nearly every case these fires were fully preventable. Cooking-related fires are also the leading reason why people are injured by fire. These injuries usually consist of burns or smoke inhalation.”

how to clean pots and pans
Skill, knowledge, and elbow grease can restore your cookware’s appearance, heat transference, and overall chef-y glamour. credit: Elite Cleaning of Washington
cleaning pots and pans
Daily use, improper washing, and even gas stoves can cause build-up on the bottom of our pots and pans. Photo credit: Elite Cleaning of Washington







McNulty and her team can tackle pots and pans as part of routine housekeeping or a seasonal deep clean. Whether you hire them weekly or before/after parties, they’ll safely clean, sanitize and protect your hard-earned culinary tools and toys. Call them at 360-529-2277 to schedule a free estimate.


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