ThurstonTalk’s Most-Read Stories of July


Summer is a time of food, fun and family. And, the most-read stories of July reflect all of these things. Our most-read stories this month include a range of interests from great neighborhood eateries to places you can dig your own dinner to hikes where you can work up an appetite. Enjoy a first (or second) look at these popular stories from July and don’t miss our Editor’s Pick.

State and Central Neighborhood Pub

State and Central
Taylor Vroman and Adam Adrian of State and Central both have strong culinary chops and a great chemistry in the kitchen. Photo credit: State and Central

State and Central burst onto the food scene earlier this summer and locals are loving the elevated pub fare offered by chef Taylor Vroman at the cozy new hot spot.  We suggest the friend cheese curds and Juicy Lucy. Heaven.  Thanks to writer Nicholas Vroman for sharing the food of State and Central, and the people behind it, with us.

Digging Steamer Clams on Hood Canal

Manila Clams are easy to find on Hood Canal. All you need is a permit, a trowel and a low tide. Photo credit: Hiro Asari.

Digging razor clams at the ocean is a seasonal favorite in the fall and winter. However, many ThurstonTalk readers were interested in this “how-to” story for digging Manila Clams on Hood Canal. It’s easy, fun and nets you a delicious dinner. Thanks to outdoor expert Douglas Scott for giving us the low-down on Hood Canal clamming.

Five Hikes with Stunning Views

high rock hike
There are few views more incredible than those found at High Rock Lookout. Photo credit: Douglas Scott

Again, Douglas Scott offers adventure in our own backyard. This story was widely read by ThurstonTalk readers and whether they are seeking the beauty of nature on these five hikes with spectacular views, or hoping to add something new to their Instagram feed, we don’t know. We do know that many of you are out there enjoying the beauty of our area this summer using this and our other activity stories.

Editors Pick: Michael Reichmann Carves Quiet Beauty

Michael Reichmann
At home in his garage, Michael shows me his latest project in progress. Photo credit: Jessica Hoppe

This story is a prime example of how ThurstonTalk sheds light on the quiet individuals throughout our community who are truly exceptional both for what they do and who they are. Not only is Michael Reichmann adding beauty to the world through his carving and art, this story touched me for it’s connection – it was written by his daughter, Jessica Hoppe. As an editor, offering the opportunity for a daughter to showcase the talent of her father is what makes ThurstonTalk so unique. This story is lovely – take a read if you haven’t already.

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