10 Steps to Control Allergens in Your Home

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Allergens such as mold, dust and pollen will always be present in your home but there are steps that you can take to get them under control. These 10 easy tips will help reduce allergens in your home as well as your exposure to them. Try three or four or implement all ten.  You’ll see a difference in the health, and happiness, in your home.

  1. Use the bathroom fan
    Mold and Mildew growing on the underside of a roof.
    Mold and mildew, shown here growing on the underside of a roof, can be a major source of household allergies. 

    The bathroom can be the most humid place in the home because showers and baths produce steam. Excess moisture plus heat causes mold. If you don’t have a fan make sure that your bathroom is well ventilated by leaving the door open or cracking a window.

  2. Stay organized
    Keep your home and closets organized. Clutter collects dust and dust contains allergens. Stacks of magazines and knick-knacks are some of the worst offenders for trapping hidden and unwanted dust.
  3. No shoes inside the home
    Start a no shoes rule inside your home. Shoes can track in outside moisture and pollutants.
  4. Use zippered pillow case covers
    Protect your pillows from dust mites, allergens and other bacteria with hyper allergenic pillow case covers. These can be purchased online or through most home goods stores.
  5. Change your furnace filter
    The filters on your furnace prevent excess dust from entering your home. You should change them about every six months. It’s an easy process to do yourself and inexpensive to have a local HVAC company perform the service.
  6. Clean your filter on your vacuum
    Check your filters and clean them. With owning a cleaning company this is a daily task for us, but you should aim to clean them once a month depending on how dusty your home gets.
  7. house cleaning olympia
    As much as you love your pets, inviting them into your bed also invites an increase in allergens.

    Don’t invite pets into your bed
    Pet dander contains allergens that will stay trapped in your sheets, pillows and mattresses.

  8. Take out the trash
    Stay on top of the trash detail. Excess garbage can attract unwanted visitors such as mice and bugs.
  9. Clean those gutters
    This is one of those tasks that I don’t think anyone enjoys but leaky gutters can lead to excess moisture in the crawl space resulting in compromised air quality. If you don’t like cleaning gutters then hire a professional to do this important annual job.
  10. Use your exhaust
    Use the exhaust fan when cooking. Steam released during the cooking process adds moisture to the air and moisture plus heat can cause mold.

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