Synergy HomeCare: Choosing Care that Matches Your Budget



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Brad Rossman is the General Manager for the Olympia branch of Synergy HomeCare.

It may be getting more difficult to take care of yourself. You’ve had a hip replacement and you can’t get around like you used to. Your energy level is low and it’s hard to prepare meals for yourself. You have adult children who live nearby who could give you hand, but they work full-time and have kids of their own. You think you may need to hire some help or maybe even move into a nursing home, but you’re worried about the cost.

Does this sound familiar? One of the biggest factors that impacts this decision is budget. Whether the senior is paying for their own care or a family member is taking care of the cost, the type of budget available for care determines the frequency, duration and type of care a senior receives.

Long-term care can be costly, but there are a few options available that can help keep costs down. One of these options is in-home care. In an annual report produced by Genworth, the average cost of in-home care was noted as less than adult day care, assisted living and skilled nursing.

The average cost per month at an assisted living facility is $3,450, with nursing homes sometimes costing $1,000 per day. With agency managed in-home care costing between $25 and $36 an hour (depending where you live and the required level of care), the cost of home care can save hundreds of dollars or more. Often a senior can safety remain at home with just a few hours of assistance a week.

What’s more, an in-home caregiver can help prevent a senior from incurring higher care costs, resulting from accidents and injuries. Assisting seniors with their daily activities, and ensuring the home is clear of fall-causing debris, helps prevent accidents from happening. As important, reminding medications are taken, along with nutrition planning and preparation, are services an in-home caregiver provides to help prevent accidents and loss of independence. This saves their clients from pain, stress and the increasing cost of higher levels of care, often not available in the client’s home.

“Everyone’s goal and budget is different,” says Synergy HomeCare General Manager, Brad Rossman. “A budget for in-home care can be easily planned and managed. There are many adjustable variables in a care plan, to help stay on budget. Perhaps we simply give family caregivers a needed break with just a few hours per week. Maybe we discover a client only needs a few hours of care, two or three times per week.” On the other hand, perhaps the least costly plan is to help a couple move to an Independent Living Community and still supplement with in-home care. This helps the couple downsize to a nice Independent Living Community, maximizing independence, yet positions them in a community that provides an increasing continuum of care, as their needs change with aging.

Want to find out more? Contact Synergy HomeCare online or give Synergy HomeCare a call at 360-338-0837 to learn more about the cost of in-home care and if it’s right for you or your loved one.


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