Red Door Interiors Announces Change in Ownership

Lara Anderson (left) and Kathy Lathrop stand by their display of RD Shady inside Red Door Olympia.


Submitted by Red Door Interiors 

Lara Anderson (left) and Kathy Lothrop have sold their popular downtown Olympia home decor shop to the owners of Dillinger's Cocktails and Kitchen to pursue interior design and their RD Shady.
Lara Anderson (left) and Kathy Lothrop have sold their popular downtown Olympia home decor shop to the owners of Dillinger’s Cocktails and Kitchen to pursue interior design and their patented RD Shady.

The buzz around a change in ownership for Red Door Interiors has been on-going for over a month.  The wait is over. Red Door (the shop/inventory) has been sold to two amazing ladies that strongly believe in downtown Olympia and Red Door’s legacy.

The new owners are Sandy Hall and Lela Cross who currently own the very popular Dillinger’s Cocktails & Kitchen. The shop name will change to LC’s Blackbird Mercantile & Trading Co., affectionately known as Blackbird.

On August 1, the store will change hands and co-owners Lara Anderson and her mother Kathy Lathrop  will begin a new adventure with interior design and RD Shady.  The patented custom lamp-shade covers invented by the mother-daughter duo have increased in popularity locally an are receiving national attention.  Transitioning into the next phase with RD Shady is one of the reasons behind their departure from their downtown retail shop.

“The product has really taken off here locally,” shares Anderson.  “We now offer customers the ability to send us their own fabric to customize their RD Shady for no additional charge.”  RD Shady will be featured in HGTV Magazine’s October issue and the RD Shady website is undergoing a full face-lift in preparation for increased traffic to the site.

In addition, Anderson and Lathrop have licensed their design, plus two additional versions of the RD Shady, to a major lamp manufacture.  “We are really excited about the potential in this partnership,” shares Anderson.

Blackbird will continue the tradition of offering new and used furnishings, the RD Shady line, as well as bar and kitchen ware, wine and beer and a variety of fun options for gift giving.

The store will remain open during the transition from Red Door to Blackbird and a grand opening is planned for the first day of fall, September 23.

Please stop by during the final week of July and say goodbye to Anderson and Lathrop as they prepare to leave a business they’ve poured their hearts into for the past nine years. “We have had so many wonderful years running our shop. The friendships that we have formed will remain close to our hearts forever,” says Anderson.

Red Door Interior will continue to communicate via their RedDoorOlympia Facebook page as they continue to offer interior design services, custom sewing services and of course, RD Shady product.  Keep your eye on their page as they embark on the next phase with their unique and popular invention, RD Shady.

Visit the new LC’s Blackbird Mercantile & Trading Co. starting August 1 in the former Red Door Interiors location at 430 Washington St. SE (the corner of 5th and Washington) in downtown Olympia.


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