Maintenance Massage for Stress-Free Living

olympia massage
Kenton Stuth, owner of In Touch Therapy, has been a licensed massage therapist for eight years.


olympia massage
Touch Therapy’s vision is hanging on the wall at their Olympia clinic.

Between work, family, and chores, life can get pretty stressful. And, with so much going on, it is hard to find time to relax. But, what if you set aside just one hour, once a month, that was just for you?

While massage is a form of physical healthcare, it is also a great way to nurture your mental health and alleviate stress that builds up from the day-in and day-out of our lives. Founder and Clinic Director of Olympia’s In Touch Therapy, Kenton Stuth, understands the importance of maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit, which is why he offers new and existing clients Maintenance Massage packages to combat their stress and help them unwind.

“I have a client who comes in every three weeks. My role in her life is getting rid of her three weeks of stress,” says Stuth. “She’s a mom, a wife, and she works at a computer 40 hours a week. Her interval is three weeks. If she comes in once every three weeks, she can keep an even keel. But, she says, if she misses her massage, it really throws her off,” explains Stuth.

For people looking to melt away stress regularly, In Touch Therapy’s Maintenance Massage package subscription is a great way to relax – and save money. In Touch Therapy offers its clients reduced massage rates when they subscribe to one of the two Maintenance Massage packages designed to relax and renew, regularly.

Silver Level packages are available at $59 per month and include one hour of maintenance massage each month, with additional massages available at the subscription price. For people in need of a little extra stress relief, In Touch Therapy’s Gold Level membership provides two hours of maintenance massage per month for only $99, or $49.50 per massage, with additional massages available at the subscription price.

Both the Silver Level and Gold Level packages require a low commitment equivalent to a three month minimum enrollment. You get to choose the monthly billing date that works best with your finances, and at the end of each three-month cycle you are given the option to either continue or cancel your membership.

In Touch Therapy’s Maintenance Massage packages are a great, low cost, low commitment way to give your mind, body and spirit a break, so you can get back to life feeling relaxed, renewed and ready to take on whatever comes your way.

For more information about In Touch Therapy’s Maintenance Massage packages, visit their website here.


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