Kangen Water® – Part of the Essential “3” at H3 Therapy Services Inc.

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Michael Pfeifer, RRT, Clinical Director at H3 Therapy Services, Inc in Olympia utilizes Kangan Water as an essential part of the path to healing for clients.


Water.  It’s an essential part of all living things.  The human body is about 60% water, so naturally, we need to continuously drink water to replenish and hydrate the body.  And while sports drinks, sodas, juices and coffee are technically “drinks,” in the sense that can hydrate, they do not aid in the healing and function of our body as water does.

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Educating clients with accurate information about the benefits of drinking alkaline water is important to all staff at H3 Therapy Services.

Water in the body performs many essential functions every day, including:

  • Regulating internal body temperature through respiration and sweating,
  • Forming saliva and aiding digestion,
  • Allowing the body’s cells to grow, reproduce, survive,
  • Flushing the body’s waste,
  • Lubricating joints,
  • Acting as a shock absorber for the brain and spinal cord, and
  • Transporting carbohydrates and proteins our body uses as fuel.

The importance of water to our health cannot be understated.  However, when you pour yourself that glass of essential, health promoting water are you really getting all you bargained for?  Typical tap water can contain contaminates and pollutants from the increasing toxic load placed on our earth through chemicals used in all aspects of our lives.  The Environmental Working Group has conducted extensive research and identified 316 chemicals present in normal tap water throughout the country since 2004.

Knowing the essential role water plays throughout the body, doesn’t having safe, clean drinking water sound like a priority?  For most, it is.  And that is why there has been an explosion of filtration products on the market from inexpensive pitcher-style water filters and faucet mounted systems to whole house filtration systems costing a bundle.  Most of these can reduce common contaminants such as chlorine.  However, they do not address one area one vital area: the pH of your water.

Research has shown that promoting an alkaline environment in the body promotes a stronger immune system, hydrates cells more effectively, and creates and overall more balanced state of health.  Typical tap water is at a pH of about 7.2, a fairly neutral level.  Most bottled water has a slightly acidic pH.  At H3 Therapy Services Inc. you can experience water that is filtered through the Kangan Ionizing Water System.  This system, developed in Japan and used throughout the world, is connected to your tap and sits on the counter for easy use.

Water enters the machine, about the size of a large coffee maker, through a tube attached to your faucet.  It then passes through a very high grade filter, designed to last for up to 15,000 gallons and then moves through a series of titanium and platinum plates charged with 230 watts of electricity causing the water to ionize, changing the pH.

The pH of the drinking water is set to 8.5 to 9.5 – the optimum alkaline level for absorption by your body’s cells. This water has a clean, clear and almost sweet taste.   It’s alkaline pH makes it easily absorbed and avoids that “bloated” feeling you sometimes get when drinking a large glass of water.

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Michael Pfeifer, clinical director at H3 Therapy Services, Inc in Olympia utilizes Kangan Water as an essential part of the path to healing for clients.

The Kangan system, however, allows you to set the pH to extremely alkaline or acidic, depending on intended use.  There are 5 basic levels for Kangen Water®:

  • 11.0 pH – Strong Kangen Water® – This highly alkaline water is excellent for cleaning and removing stains, grime and oils from surfaces.
  • 8.5 – 9.5 pH – Kangen Water® – This is the optimal drinking water pH.  Use this for daily consumption, starting your day with 2-3 glasses to set your digestive system for the day.
  • 7.0 pH – Neutral Water – Use this water when taking medications for optimal absorption.  Neutral water should also be used when preparing baby food for your youngest family members.
  • 6.0 pH – Beauty (acidic) Water – This lightly acidic water is perfect for toning and firming skin.  It can be kept in a spray bottle for easy use in the bathroom.
  • 2.5 pH – Strong Acidic Water – This water is used for disinfecting surfaces and object such as toothbrushes or counters.

Utilizing Kangen Water® at H3 Therapy Services is one of the foundations upon which clients achieve optimum health.  Water is consumed prior to, and after each hyperbaric chamber dive and clients are encouraged to continue its consumption at home.  Michael Pfeifer, Clinical Director at H3 Therapy Services in Olympia is happy to let clients utilize the Kangen Water® system at the clinic however many opt to purchase their own systems to have at home.

“Once people feel the benefits, and see the results, of drinking Kangen Water® they often want to share that with their whole family,” he shares.  “Being able to utilize the system’s wide range of pH settings in addition to drinking water is an added benefit to having it in your home.”

Stop by H3 Therapy Services on Olympia’s west side and try a glass of Kangen Water® for yourself.  They welcome visitors and offer informative materials and workshops for you to learn more.

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