Sunset Air Lends Helping Hand to Skylar Seward

skylar seward
Recently, Sunset Air installed a Carrier mini-split heat pump in the home of Skylar Seward. The generosity prepared Seward's family for her recuperation after a car accident.


skylar seward
Recently, Sunset Air installed a Carrier mini-split heat pump in the home of Skylar Seward. The generosity prepared Seward’s family for her recuperation after a car accident.

Lacey’s Sunset Air takes everything above and beyond.  Their years of local service are an integral part of the company’s mission and they work to make our community a better place in any way they can.  Whether it’s through their commitment to education on the elementary or collegiate levels, or by sales and service of efficient, green technologies, their heart shows through everything they do.

This spirit often pairs with other businesses, charities, or manufacturers to double the good deeds.  Most recently, they used equipment donated by the Carrier Corporation to help with the remodeling project of a local teen’s home after she sustained a spinal injury in an October car accident.  Many local families and businesses came forward to donate time, labor, and materials to make Skylar Seward’s home both ADA compliant and comfortable for her and her family.

In the days leading up to Christmas, Sunset Air helped install a mini-split heat pump for Skylar to keep her recovery room comfortable.  According to family, Skylar has been struggling to maintain a balanced body temperature and this heat and cooling technology comes with a hand-held remote for easy adjustment.  Skylar can now easily manage any minute changes she wants, from anywhere in the room.

sunset air
The history of the Carrier company melds nicely with Sunset Air’s focus on giving back to the community.

The Carrier Corporation began when Willis Carrier invented the first air conditioning unit in 1902.  They now span all manner of home, office, and transportation heating and cooling products.  Their values are simple yet kind, focusing on people and their comfort and safety: “We work every day to make the world a better place to live, work and play. Our employees, products and services create comfortable, productive and healthy environments.”  They have used their expertise and green technologies on such landmarks as the Sistine Chapel in Rome and George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate in Virginia.  They even hired America’s first woman air-conditioning engineer in 1917!

This corporate mission meshes well with that of Sunset Air.  As a valued part of the Thurston County community for almost 40 years, the Fluetsch family and their employees “are dedicated to the quality of service that we deliver and to the satisfaction of our customers…From day one, he had a vision of what he wanted his business to be: a business that not only provided its customers with quality service, but was also a positive presence in the community.”

carrierThe renovations at Skylar’s home were a community-wide gift to a family in need.  While Carrier donated the actual heating and cooling system, Sunset Air’s Randy Norris says that “the remaining labor and materials required for this project including electrical wiring, and permit fees were all donated by Sunset Air.  This equipment was such a great application for the room she will spend most of her time in when she returns that Sunset Air volunteered to donate and install one of these systems for her and the family.”

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